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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Omo-Ettu tasks new ATCON exco

Remmy Nweke

CHAIRMAN of the five-man Electoral Committee at this year’s Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) general election and chief executive of Telecom Answers Associates Limited, Mr. Titi Omo-Ettu, has tasked the newly elected National Executive Council (NEC) of the group over repositioning of the body to serve as think-tank for technology studies and industry trends.

He also said that ATCON should be able to prescribe where the industry is moving to both in the short and long terms projections.

ATCON, he noted, should use its position as a private-sector-based catalyst in collective resources of the association to consistently strive to meet the challenges facing stakeholders.

Speaking shortly before his appointment as the chairman, Electoral Committee for 2006, Mr. Omo-Ettu, told ITRealms Online exclusively that in charting a new course for ATCON, whoever emerges president and indeed members of the NEC, should reposition the group to become an intellectual power-house for the industry.

“That is to say it (ATCON) should be more of an intellectual power-house than a mere protector of the commercial interest of its current members,” he advised.

The 2006 electoral boss pointed out that the association has a structure that could be used to create veritable strong sub-sector units to proffer immediate solutions to industry challenges, while the main body would have the opportunity of taking headlong the bigger picture of the future of the body without compromise.

“I see the structure of its operation as flexible enough to permit for the emergence of very strong sub-sector units, while ATCON looks at the big picture and far into the future without necessarily compromising the immediate and current necessities,” he declared.

According to him, ATCON has come of age and grown beyond mere resolving of members’ day-to-day operational problems in a unionist way, which means reacting to whatever emerges and striving to resolve same nagging issues.

Mr. Omo-Ettu, who also is the chief executive, The Executive Cyberschuul Lagos, described it as an elementary level of industrial evolution.

“I think this should be the platform for both the unionist and the professional methods to thrive side by side,” he asserted.

Maintaining that ATCON naturally should be a professional platform, thus its input into policy initiative should command stakeholders and government’s respect.

“Its input into policy initiatives must be respectable and compelling that it should be a credible partner to the government of the day,” he said.

Mr. Omo-Ettu further expressed appreciation to those who have offered to serve ATCON in the NEC capacity.

“I also think it is not only the president’s position that is being contested but other positions too should be regarded as very important. And we can only thank those who have offered themselves for service at all levels,” he concluded.

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