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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Internet is too important – Frendo

REMMY NWEKE, who was in Malta

AS the conference on the modalities to enthrone Internet Governance continues in Geneva,
Switzerland, Internet, the network-of-networks, has been described as too important to be left exclusively in the hands of the organized private sector (OPS).

Maltese Information and Communication Technology (ICT) lawyer and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Michael Frendo, noted this in a speech he presented at the just concluded conference on Internet Governance: The Way Forward, held in Malta.

Internet, he noted, is too important to be left to private hands, declaring “It could not be left exclusively to the private sector”.

He was certain that the Malta conference would add value toward shaping the use of Internet in the future.

Dr. Frendo pointed out that Internet has become a tremendous tool to addressing difficulties in assisting development countries to improve on their position economically.

This, he said, is more evident in creating and strengthening research and development among developing countries.

Expressing optimism that if Internet Governance (IG) is got right, the world would be better for it as it would be used as a tool for development of mankind.

Stressing that there should be a better way of regulating Internet through protecting the consumers, and educational people among several other interests on the Internet.

“At the heart of all the issues in our ability to ensure that Internet Governance does work and directed at all subjects, so that the developing world could see its value, mid-income earners could use Internet to create sectors of business, activities and employment,” he maintained.

Also speaking, Director of Diplo Foundation, organizers of the three-day conference, Dr. Jovan Kurbalija noted that nowadays, accepting online negotiation and deliberations are of great importance to the Least Developing Countries (LDCs).

Emphasizing that the proposed Internet Governance Forum (IGF) soon to be inaugurated by the United Nations, should avoid the application of point-of-order every moment of its proceedings, so as to strengthen trust among forum members.

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