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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Diplo launches research on IPv6

RESEARCH students at the Diplo Foundation based in Malta and Switzerland have launched an Internet Governance project on the Internet Protocol version Six (IPv6), in order to explore more values associated with the version.

IPv6 is the latest version of Internet Protocol created following suspicions by experts in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), that the current version IPv4 would soon be exhausted.

The research titled "IPv6 and Its allocation" according to members of the project, Messrs Marsha Guthrie, Mwende Njiraini and Jean-Philemon Kissangou, is being conducted as an Internet Governance Capacity Building programme of Diplo Foundation.

The duo of Guthrie and Njiraini who spoke on behalf of the team said, there are three supervisors attached to the project, namely Messrs Andrei Mikheyev, Valentin Katrandzhiev and Vladimi Radunovic, while Director of Diplo, Dr. Jovan Kurbalija, is the chairman of the project.

They also disclosed that the project is in high gear with a good number of the work already in progress.

In the document for comment made available to ITREALMS Online, they noted that implementation of IPv6, has for sometimes now dominated discussions in the industry globally.

Pointing out that increasingly, countries are being told of the many benefits of switching from the older version of IP, that is IPv4 to IPv6.

The essence of this, they said, is that IPv4, is simply not suitable for all of the web-enabled devices currently being used.

They also noted that argument is rift over the adoption of IPv6, on the belief that it would widen the digital divide.

This, the research said, is also at the forefront of the debate on this inevitable transition.

They further said that their research seek to highlight various aspects of the perceived deficiencies of IPv4 by providing a more comprehensive view of both sides of the debate for and against IPv6.

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