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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Xmas rewards from Omatek

OMATEK Computers Limited, assemblers of Personal Computers, laptops and home entertainment equipment has commenced a reward initiative for its customers this Christmas season.

The company said it is offering gifts for patronage this season, even as its products are up for grabs at affordable prices.

In what the chief executive, Mrs. Florence Seriki described as “Bounty Xmas Offer” was introduced at the weekend as part of joining Nigerians in sharing love which is the reason for the season.

“We think this is the time to join Nigerians in sharing love. The season has come to give something special and do something you don’t do everyday. We are allowing individuals and corporate organisations to give out these products at very affordable price. You can’t get a better deal elsewhere. For us, this is the real deal to show and share love,” she said.

Mrs. Seriki also said that up for grabs include Omatek’s digital and plasma technologies products showcasing Digital Video Display (DVD) player bundled with the 42½ Plasma Television for home and office use.

The plasma technology screen, she explained is a secured digital cum high definition (SD/HD) version three of (NTSC/PAL) model that has a Low Voltage Data Signal (LVDS) Interface to offer some of the best picture quality that such a technology could offer as at today, especially using single pixel.

The 42½ (16:9) size and aspect ratio presents life-size image inside for more effective viewing in a corporate or home setting.

She further said, the pixel pitch of horizontal 1,095 by vertical 1.110mm with horizontal 2, 556 x V480 cells is to ensure better and fuller picture clarity. Also, the aspect ratio is in the range of 4:3, 16:9, Zoom1, Zoom 2, panorama.

This technology, she said, changes everything about viewing and entertainment and that is the reason Omatek have been able to re-define the home and office-place since the launch few weeks earlier.

“We have helped corporate offices particularly banks re-designed their front offices as many orders can prove. Now, we want to spread the beauty and the joy of these products to more organisations and individuals in the spirit of the season,” Mrs. Seriki said.

Omatek, she stressed is pushing its Intel driven Centrino laptop which comes Wi-Fi ready and offers about the fastest processing speed in a multi-task environment.

For the Xmas reason also, she said, the Durabook notebook, slim built and touted as the military-in-war brain machine because of its ruggedness and shock resistant is among the offer for the season.

“You could hit the notebook roughly on the ground and it will still remain intact body and data without any damage because it is shock-proof,” she declared.

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