Thursday, December 15, 2005

eClemo clicks on the rise

Electronic business-to-consumers (B2C) advertisement portal,, has continued to be on the rise, according to the vice president, eClemo Nigeria Limited, Mr. Clement Ekhator.

Speaking in Lagos, Mr. Ekhator said the portal traffic is on a breezy climb as the portal enters its fourth month since it was launched.

“eClemo has continuously seen a steady increase in the number of adverts and visitors on This is great news for eClemo management team,” he said.

To expand its reach further, Mr. Ekhator, said it’s a window to help enterprises and private individuals optimize their businesses.

eClemo banner, he said, are now on display at strategic places all over Lagos, “to allow people to be aware of this opportunity to expand their reach for free,” explained Ekhator.

Mr. Ekhator also said that by design, eClemo has created a meeting point between consumers and providers of services with products.

The portal, he said, is a platform between sellers and buyers to either sell or buy legitimate goods on the Internet in Nigeria.

The portal provides an online window for sellers to advertise their goods at no fee to thousands of people across the globe seeking for such products or services.

“We have created a meeting place for sellers and buyers to meet online from the comfort of their offices or homes and make decision to sell or buy products or services advertised online,” said Ekhator.

The site is designed as an automated auction site where buyers or sellers could personally place products for sale online.

Besides creating a platform for free online advertisements, the vice president said, the site also provides a database on tourist site in Nigeria, business opportunities, and a chat room.

“It provides for contacts, advert placement and job search for those in the labour market seeking to get out of the labour queues and adventurous enough to search out job placements and opportunities in and outside of the country,” Mr. Ekhator said.


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