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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Multimedia Online course opens @ Berlin, as IIJ trains 600

THIRD session of the international Multimedia and Online Journalism course 2005, began recently with 15 students in Berlin, Germany.

The course organized by the InWent Capacity Building International, Germany through its subsidiary, International Institute for Journalism (IIJ) Berlin, would last till November, this year.

The team is expected to attend the second phase of the World Summit on the Information
Society (WSIS-05) holding November 16-18, in Tunis for their internship.

Welcoming students from Ghana, India, Kenya, Laos, Moldova, Nigeria, Tanzania, Vietnam and Zimbabwe to the programme, Head IIJ Division, Mr. Peter Prufert, said in a message that the institute has trained over 600 journalists in 30 selected courses since last year.

“They are now part of a worldwide network of some 6,000 alumni of IIJ in more than 230 countries,” he declared.

According to Mr. Prufert who was represented by Course Director, Mr. Warner Eggert, for over 40 years IIJ has been active in the training of newspaper and news agency journalists from developing and nations in transition.

Most recent of these courses, Mr. Prufert noted is the Multimedia and Online Journalists, saying that with this, “the institute is adapting to the needs of a rapidly changing media world and the growing importance of the Internet”.

Pointing out that though independent and critical reporting helps to democratically monitor the state but only well groomed journalists working to the highest core value of professional standards could facilitate this critical role of ‘watch dog', so as to assist in creating transparency and to hold government and business accountable.

Mr. Prufert also said this basic philosophy fits seamlessly into the media development concept of the Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ), the main stakeholder of InWent.

“Together with other international organizations the BMZ considers democracy, good governance and an active civil society as a precondition for development,” he said.

All programmes organized by IIJ, whether in Berlin or abroad, he said, are geared towards the practical requirements of journalism.

“We hope that you would find the working conditions conducive, the learning atmosphere and the exchange of experiences stimulating,” he urged and wished participants fruitful weeks ahead.

Top staff of IIJ who were present at the brief ceremony includes the Administrator, Mrs. Melanie Bolik, lead facilitator, Mr. Peter Berger and his assistant, Ms Birgit Heitfeld, as well as seminar assistants led by Mrs. Sabine Lager, and made up of Mrs. Rita Kurzbach, Ms. Carol Starr and Ms. Larissa Klatt.

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Matthias said...

Dear Remmy,

no wonder you already won prizes: The sheer amount of the content in your blog alone is worthy of an award! Keep up the good work. It was a pleasure meeting you at the IIJ course 2005.

You'll have to get rid of comment spam, though. It's a pain.

(don't be confused by my blogger name - it's just a different part of my multiple personality :-)

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