" ITREALMS: Val Cakes boss, Folasade, advises entrepreneurs to separate friendship, family from businesses - ITREALMS

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Val Cakes boss, Folasade, advises entrepreneurs to separate friendship, family from businesses - ITREALMS

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The Creative Director, Val Cakes 'N' Events Affairs, Oshogbo, Folasade Makinde, spoke to ITREALMS’ GBEMI OMOTOSO on a number of industry issues, advising entrepreneurs to always separate friendship and family from businesses, in addition to making Google her friend.

Val Cakes boss, Folasade, advises entrepreneurs to separate friendship, family from businesses - ITREALMS
What prompted your entry into the cake industry?
This was ignited by my passion from childhood. I developed passion for baking when I was little, then I used to go to weddings organized everyday at the church located behind our house.

I was always fascinated by the cakes especially the royal icing, after the programme I would take a little piece of the cake home and start checking it out. Also, once when I went to Tejuosho, Lagos to help a friend of mine prepare for her wedding, I bought a book "Wilton cake book for beginners.”

How many years have you been in the industry?
Officially 15 years to be precise.

How has it been especially following your passion for cakes?
It's very interesting my sister. I always bake for my roommate in the University while, my first wedding cake was for my best friend in the University.

Trusting me with her wedding cake was my cue to go for more knowledge.

I had to go and learn fondant frosting because of her wedding cake. And it came out fine, after the school and it is time to work.

However, the employment industry wasn't smiling because, no work was forthcoming ... Nigeria happened to me. Laughs. This made me brush up my passion with the little knowledge I had acquired from my fondant training.

I started as a baker, then later went for Master class at El-Royalithos Catering Institute in 2018, Flower/sugarcraft class with Tibec Krafts in February, 2021.

Also, an Advance buttercream with Kaffy Cakes respectively, just to mention a few.

Having been in the industry for over a decade, what other improvement do you expect in cake industry?
All the bakers need the orientation to separate friendship from Business. Family from business.

We need to place high value on our businesses. It is in the baking industry that you will see an advert for master class at 5k; Online rubbish here and there. That is why you cannot separate a good baker from a bad one.

We should also learn to fight for our rights. If there is an association that can fight for bakers, things will be a bit easier. If there is an increase in the price flour, sugar, margarine etc, we are not expected to carry on like that.

We are supposed to question our suppliers but the case is different.

If given an opportunity to lead the cake industry, how do you intend to resolve some of the issues identified?
I will make sure that there is a censor board for the trained bakers. Also, encourage my fellow bakers to participate in politics so that we can have someone at the top to fight for our course as a recognized industry.

What strategy do you use to get more customers considering the high cost of baking materials recently?
I’m very good at retaining every client that is fortunate to come my way. I make sure that I give each and everyone their due attention and the best service which is highly superb.

However, some of my clients happened to end up as my friends and marketing managers.
Val Cakes boss, Folasade, advises entrepreneurs to separate friendship, family from businesses - ITREALMS
Your daily routine?
My daily routine! Do I have a stable routine? I don't think so. I take each day as it comes.

How do you handle customers who are families and or friends?
I handle them like clients with little discount and I don't use my product as gift.

I, however, prefer giving them cash as gift rather than cakes.

How would you describe yourself?
Folasade, she is a goal-getter, soft outside but tough inside. If you're meeting me for the first time, you can easily look down on me as I detest flash life. But, if you are very close to me, you will know the type of person I am.

If you are the person that normally judge people by their looks, you can miss my friendship because I'm not that loud; Just cool.

You are also into events, can you tell us about it?
Yeah. I am into events because I love to create beautiful environment for receptions.

You know I told you about my passion for wedding events during my childhood! Yeah. It all goes together.
I went for training on events as well. I can lay my hands on so many things when it comes to event decorations, balloon decors, fabrics work, table-settings, special effects etc.

Likewise, I offer catering services for indoor and outdoor parties, this I engage having understudied my mummy culinary skills who is a caterer. So, my office is a one-stop shop for events.

You believe so much in multiple streams of income, how do you cope when you have 3-in-1 bookings; cakes, hall decorations and catering for the guests?
Actually, I make sure that I employ capable hands to join me. I'm not stingy with wages and I believe so much in teamwork.

What is your top priority when planning an event?
My priority is to satisfy my customers.

Is there a time you went above and beyond for a customer?
Yep! I am always, prompt with delivery and over delivered.

Have you ever planned multiple events at a time? How was is it?
Yes, several times and it ends successful.

What personality traits, skills or training or education do you think an event decorator requires?
An event decorator must have eyes for aesthetic values, must be very versatile and up-to-date on event world. He or she must be able to blend with time and what is in vogue; attend seminar from time to time to upgrade his or her knowledge.

How do you keep up with latest trends relating to events?
Google is my friend, while I attend seminars and follow good event decorators on Instagram to be in tune with latest designs.

How do you keep up with latest trends relating to cake designs?
Pertaining to cakes, I keep up with latest trends on Instagram, YouTube, cakes’ group etc.


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