" ITREALMS: Event stylists Kenny Larts says 'Bakers bring forth realities of designs' - ITREALMS

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Event stylists Kenny Larts says 'Bakers bring forth realities of designs' - ITREALMS

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Event stylist and Creative Director, Ktea Events Concepts, Lagos, Mrs. Kenny Adegbule Larts, in this chat with ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO, declared that bakers bring forth realities of designs. 
Event stylists Kenny Larts says 'Bakers bring forth realities of designs' - ITREALMS

What are you known for in the industry?
I'm a baker, caterer and events stylists.

How did you get into the industry?
I love cooking and though being in science class, I still chose food and nutrition in secondary school.
Then, when I started working as a confidential-secretary, my love and passion for parties was one of the reasons why I always went for trainings during my annual-leave period, learning almost everything that has to do with parties-venue decorations, catering services, small chops, cocktails and mocktails making which made me take event planning for years as a side hustle.
I just know I have to do something I love doing if not the stress of the job might make me quit.

Your passion for baking and cooking made you left the corporate world to embrace business, so, how has it been following your desired passion?
Smiles. Its been awesome. I wouldn't want it any other way because I've learnt so much, met many wonderful people. In essence, the satisfaction and fulfillment after a job well done is breathtaking.

How has it been since you started (ups, goods, memorable times) as a caterer?
It has not been easy, getting good staff is not an easy thing at all. Even the ones trained on the jobs and expect to serve the company, most of them ended up not staying. Drawing out contracts agreement has really helped though.
Inflation and the unstable economy too have really taken a tow on the industry likewise the Covid-19 pandemic as well. But like I said catering or event business is lucrative if you know how to go about it and consistent too.
As a caterer, one should be prestigious, have all the facilities and expertise for providing quality services. The food should be tasty and stand out not forgetting good presentation among others.

How many years have you been in the cake, event industry and catering services?
I started with baking, that is 34years ago (1989 to be precise). While event decorations is 27years (1996); indoor/outdoor catering services 15years (officially 2008) and still counting.

Having been in the cake industry for over three decades, how has the industry improved over the years?
Very, very impressive. When I started our frostings then was royal-icing, buttercream and whipcream. Though, whipcream was not so popular as much as buttercream. Then, fondant came while royal icing and buttercream frosting was dropped.

After, a while buttercream and whipcream resurfaced again. Now, we have buttercream queens and kings, laughs, which is kinda funny.

Then, we make buttercream wedding cakes with flowers, stems leaves, crawling plants on 4, 5 or more tiers of cakes, classical designs etc.

But things have changed now with new innovations, so many creative designs, more versatile, eye-catching etc. Now, fondant could be used to mould, etc.
Infact, the cake industry has really gone far uniquely while so many other crafts tools are being used to design cakes; it's really a wonderful thing.

What are the laudable changes in cake designs now?
Creativity is being displayed, things you could just imagined before and you see bakers bringing it forth to reality, It's amazing.

As a caterer, what is your assessment about the industry?
Catering business now can be seen as very lucrative because Nigerians are notable for indulging in several large functions virtually every week, some Nigerians are so busy that they do not even have time to cook and they prefer home-cooked foods, so they need their food delivered to their doorsteps- homes or offices.

Any memorable day from the clients you would never forget?
So many that I've lost count of.

Which top bakers will you wish to attend his/her classes or admire in the industry as a role model?
Cavos and Dewdrop.

What keeps you going while working?
I love listening to music and singing.

Despite the unstable economy coupled with the high cost of ingredients, how have you been able to sustain your clients and still make profits?
Its not been easy as the economy has really taken a tow on everyone. I tried to work with my client's budget if it is reasonable.
We pray for God's help in the midst of all these, one can only be considerate and at the same time try to make profit to keep the business.

What got you so excited in the cake and event industry?
Everything as I'm very passionate about this business which makes every aspect of it giving me intense joy.

As a cake artist, caterer & event decorator which one is more convenient and why?
Catering and venue decoration is more profitable. I won't say convenient though it's stressful but more profitable than cake.
In terms of creativity, cake and venue-styling will bring out the artistic and creative sides.

How do you keep up with latest trends relating to events?
I attends training, learn online by searching for trending designs, being creative and thoughtful as well.
Also, watching designs on YouTube even through Indian programs of venue styling is commendable too. Likewise, food programmes on Televisions.

How do you manage stress to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
I rest in between jobs. Also, I've got so many trusted hands that I don't have to do everything or monitor my staffs all the time.
Division of labour is one thing that I believed in, Ktea Events Concepts, we can function in all areas of events because of teamwork. I also take multivitamins, fruits and veggies to boost my healthy lifestyles.

How do you relax after a back to back, especially 3-in-1 event (cakes, foods, event decorations)?
I make sure I take adequate rest and eat well.

Your best baking tools?
Pallet knife and turn table .

Your hobbies?
Dancing, watching TV programs, reading books hardcopy or softcopy on my phone and playing games.

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