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Friday, January 28, 2022

Youths need patience, skill and passion to be successful says KOY boss - ITREALMS

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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KOY Event Services, Mr. Kehinde Olusola Yussuf, advised youths to exercise patient in life, learn skill, follow their passion and be successful. He spoke with Correspondent Gbemi Omotoso.


Why the name ‘KOY’?

KOY is from my name, that is, K-Kehinde; O-Olusola; and Y-Yussuf = KOY.

Your educational background

I attended Lagos State Polytechnic where I studied Banking and Finance.

How did you venture into event services?

I can say coming to event services was as a result of the passion that I have for cooking because at a tender age of 10 I have started cooking for a family of 6 very well.

So, what prompted you to set up KOY Event Services?

The skill has been with me since day one, while at Secondary School; I major mostly on anything that pertains to food during events organized in school. Also, my parents advised me to learn the skill since I love cooking.

How did you get the skill? Did you go for training?

Yes, I have two bosses in the aspect of fingerfoods and cocktail drinks; Mr Adams Party Boi is my boss on fingerfoods, while Aunty B on cocktail drinks.

What is your view on skills acquisition?

The youths we have now are not ready for training at all. They are all after money. They are not patient enough to train or get skilled for 4-6 months. All they want is quick money.

How do you get your clients?

Most of my clients are from referrals and various social media platforms. Basically family and friends recommend me to other clients likewise the posting of my works attracts client's patronages.

What are the challenges you face as a mixologist and chef?

There are lots of challenges. There is an event which I can never forget, a client requested for "asun." She gave me money to buy the goat and other ingredients needed, on getting to her compound where the party was to be held she called the police to arrest me claiming the goat I bought was too small below her expectations. So, trust is a major challenge in this business.

Considering the harsh reactions from clients sometimes, how well do you handle it?

Nothing can be done than to exercise patience towards those situations.

Any bad experience from online order you would like to share with us?

Yes! Sometimes ago a lady ordered for small chops, though not a large quantity; then she asked us to deliver it to her doorstep; normally its payment before delivery but in this instance, she ascribed it to poor network so she could not transfer the money but said she'll pay at point of delivery.

Alas! Getting to the bus stop leading to her supposed house her number was not reachable till date nor did anyone around that area knows her.

These days raw materials is costly, how do you make your money and satisfy your customers?

We don't have a choice but to increase the prices of our products though not too high, which most of our clients understand due to the economy situations.

How do you handle delivery as it pertains to mixology?

It is not hard, we have customized bottles and cans we use in packing the drinks. We cock it both the bottles and cans; then give it to the dispatch rider for delivery.

What brought you into limelight?

I am recognized for making small chops, Asun and Barbeque, which is my signature.

Mr KOY and crew doing their thing

What challenges are you facing in the industry?

One of the major challenges faced is the way chefs sees one another as competitors and not as colleagues in the industry

Another challenge is the way chefs undercharge to get more patronages.

How can the youths be motivated in getting required skills?

It is advisable for youths to learn a skill aside their educational-qualification so as to have an alternative eventuality.

Is there a regulatory body that monitors or controls the activities (pricing) of mixologist?

No! We do not have. We had one to two before but its no longer functional.

What advice do you have for newbies?

Focus is the major thing. Be prayerful and passionate about what you do.

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