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Friday, January 21, 2022

Eventpreneur runs the nation says Lanre Fagbongbe – ITREALMS

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With Bsc in Physics from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State, Fagbongbe Òlanrewaju, the chief executive officer of Awesome Events & Ballon Academy, told Gbemi Omotoso, that being an Eventpreneur is better than white collar job.


Lanre Fagbongbe

What is the correlation as an Engineer involved in Event industry?

Apparently they have nothing in common, but the country we are in will make you discover more talents you have outside ones academic life style.

What does it involve to be an event decors and how has it been as an Event Decorator?
One needs a basic knowledge and understanding. One also needs to be creative.

Being an event decorator has been awesome, scaling up in the industry via trainings and seminars, which improves my decor brand and makes me have more referral clients

Do you believe in multiple streams of income? Apart from event decorations,what else are you into?
Permit me to use this word in Yoruba language @àlubarika (Gods goodness), once God blesses your job with alubarika, I don’t think multiple streams of income is necessary. In essence, if God blesses one with two (2) to three (3) events weekly what other jobs will one combine with it.
I do balloon decor job as a balloon artist

What makes an event successful and how do you messure that success?
Guests reactions and compliments after my decoration jobs. The smiles on my clients faces measure my success.

What are your hobbies?

Basically my hobbies are riding super bikes, swimming, blowing the horns as in saxophone, and playing with my kids. I ride bikes with passion and for leisure.

Do you believe in mentorship?
Yes it’s a guide to safe guard.

Does it mean that a decorator can't survive without a mentor, why?
A decorator can survive without a mentor but the moment you as a decorator is seeking knowledge and ideas from your colleagues and friends or you visit another decorator’s social media page then such persons are your mentor one way or the other.

In planning an event especially wedding as the talk of the town! What do you put in consideration to make it distinct?
First and foremost one needs to be envogue using trending decor properties and like I said earlier decorator needs to be creative

Who are your mentors in the event industry?
Woow! I have series of mentors as decorations fall into different sections. For example floral setup, light setup, stage setup etc. So, I have each mentor in each sections.

How did you get about the name 'Awesome events’?
Prayed to God and it was revealed

Do you bake as well?
I do decor strictly like I earlier mentioned using the Yoruba word @àlubarika (Gods goodness) once it enters your profession one doesn’t need to combine.

Lanre with his bike

What is your game plan for managing event budget?
Sourcing for vendors that fits into each client’s budget.

What obstacles have you faced in event industry and how did you handle it?
Clients paying for a cat and wanting a tiger result at venues.

So, how do you manage clients pricing?

What I do is we make agreement via WhatsApp which will be our agreement and so far it has being helping me out from misconceptions.

How do you balance your home, event decorations and your passion as a superbike rider?
My home is first, Sundays for family for leisure and outing, event is Thursday’s, Fridays and Saturday and once in a while Sundays. We are all bikers in my family so nothing stops and affects my riding anytime.

Is there any danger posed by being a rider and how can it be avoided?
Like an adage that says ‘Death is a meal to all individuals. So, if one have this understanding then why not enjoy your passion as it’s only God knows what will kill an individual.

When did you discovered your passion as a motorbike rider?
Since my tender age watching American movies.

For how long have you been a rider?
Over a decade now, like 13 years in the industry.

Is the event industry lucrative?
Yes, it is. Once you are creative and you have a good publicity, you will get clients and literally you have your profit.

Any embarrassing moment and how did you handle the situation?
Ooh lots of such, especially when relatives of client that were not there when making agreement with clients get into the hall. They start raising their voice and creating scenes. What I do is ignore and don’t reply once my client is satisfied with my job based on our agreement before payment then I'm fine

What was your parents initial reaction when you delve into event industry?
I notified them before I embarked on the journey and they were in support. Eventpreneur runs the nation than white collar jobs, so they were in support.

Tell us your memorable events?
Woooh! Long time ago, about August 2015, when I short-charged my client and the amount was not enough to execute the decor job. My mother in-law was around that moment and saved me.

What does it take to be an event decorations for  a new entrants in the industry*
Basic knowledge, follow reputable senior on social media to know the trending decor designs
Believe in yourself, depend on nobody else except God Almighty

How many years have you been in the industry?
Seven years and counting, smiles …

How do you unwind?
Going out with my kids

Any favourite meal?
Yam with fried eggs

What is your game plan for managing  event budget?
Sourcing for vendors that fit into each client’s budget.


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