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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Tribute to Col Gabriel Ajayi: Yoruba officer 'killed' for asking questions - ITREALMS

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August 19, 2021 is three (3) years after your death. You were detained by Fulani leadership for 5 years. You were detained in the cemetery of the dead.
A day before your arrest, you took Holy Communion with Gen Ishaya Bamaiyi, the then Chief of Army Staff at a Catholic Church in Lagos.
The second morning, he brought soldiers to your home to arrest you for a phantom coup. You were detained with Gen Obasanjo for one year. After that, they took you to a cemetery and detained you there for many years. Junior Fulani officers came to torture you. They broke your reproductive organ and damaged your heart.

You are a man of history. Since 1971 when you joined the Army and were asked to sing during the training, in Hausa language which translated to:

'We are soldiers of Fulani. We are ready to March in unity" you had questioned Nigerian soldiers being asked to sing such a song.

For this, you were court martialed. You did not stop questioning.

As Military Secretary to ECOMOG, you came to Lagos with a Gen of Fulani extraction on July 07, 1994 during June 12 riots. Arriving at the Airport, the Fulani Gen insisted your convoy must drive through the rioters.

You said "No" it does not make sense that it would lead to deaths. The Fulani General insisted. That day, you watched over 30 people, including women and children shot dead as the convoy rammed through the crowd to Dodan Barracks. You said that week, you could not eat and you were traumatized. The Fulani Gen later told you if he had his way he would 'Bomb and Destroy Lagos to stone age."

You also wondered why during simulation wars in Nigerian Army at NDA, the South territory was always designated as "Enemy Territory." For years, the pattern did not change. For asking questions, you were detained for 5 days.

Your stand out in Apapo Oodua Koya, (AOKOYA) as a founding member can never be forgotten, your discipline, your counselling that the Fulani are 'Intelligently brutal and savage" warning us to work silently, can never be forgotten. Today, we remember you. By the power of God, you shall be honoured at the fullness of time.

Good night Col Ajayi🙏🏻

Remembered always by Apapo Oodua Koya, (AOKOYA) the Yoruba self determination group.

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