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Thursday, April 01, 2021

Anambra investigates subversive video on fire, says its 'stage managed' - ITREALMS

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The Anambra State Government has said its investigating the surfacing of a subversive video on fire in an unknown place in Anambra State, declaring that it was a stage managed inferno, reports 
Commissioner for Information & Public Enlightenment, Mr. C. Don Adinuba, confirmed this to ITREALMS on Thursday, saying that the attention of the Anambra State Government has been called to a trending video of a purported fire engulfing a block of flats in the state.

He noted that the video does not state the village or town or city or local government area where the so-called fire occurred, let alone the address of the building.

"Nor does it state the day or month or year, let alone the time of the day. The narrator keeps on screaming on top of his voice fire in Anambra State”, accusing the authorities of doing nothing to extinguish it.

"Of course, the so-called inferno was stage managed," he said.

Also, Adinuba said even though the video is absolutely lacking in credibility, the intelligence and security agencies decided to follow intelligence reports on the persons behind the video and their motive.

"It has now been confirmed that the video is the handiwork of a few subservice elements in our dear state. It has also been established that the video is politically motivated," he said,

He alleged that the video is part of the grand design by the subversive elements to create the impression, as the November 6 gubernatorial election fast approaches, that Anambra State is no longer secure or safe.

"The same subversive elements were behind a report which went viral on social media a little over a month ago claiming that security has so much collapsed in the state that the citizens are slaughtered in large numbers daily and the flesh served in restaurants and drinking joints as suya, or barbequed meat, and as fresh meat pepper soup. 

"It beats the imagination how an infinitesimal number who want to acquire political power by all means can gratuitously portray the same people they want to rule as cannibals in the 21st century," he said.

As said by him, despite grave security breaches of the past few weeks in not just our dear state but also in the whole of the Southeast geopolitical zone and elsewhere in the country, Anambra remains the most secure state in the country and the most peaceful. 

"The people behind the recent security breaches are being arrested. They will be made to feel the full weight of the law. Our intelligence and security agents are also closing on the subversive elements responsible for the video of a so-called recent fire in the state.

"The safety of the life and assets of every Anambra person has been of paramount importance to the Governor Willie Obiano administration right from the beginning. No effort will be spared to arrest and prosecute all those who have in any way attempted to compromise the security integrity of the state.

"While the State Government will not rest on its laurels as far as the safety of our people and their possessions is concerned, the people and various organizations in different communities are enjoined, once again, to report to the nearest police station any person in their midst associated with kidnappings, murders, arson and any other act of subversion in the state," he said.

Chuks Egbune/Editor

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