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Friday, April 30, 2021

What you should know about non-type-approved mobile devices - ITREALMS

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has outlined some important things telecommunications consumers need to know about type-approved mobile devices, reports 
This, ITREALMS came in the wake of Commission’s advice for telecommunications consumers to verify their desired mobile devices to ensure they are purchasing type-approved devices even before payment is made.

The Director of Technical Standard and Network Integrity at NCC, Engr. Bako Wakil, gave this advice on behalf of the Commission while speaking recently disclosing telecom consumers could make this confirmation on the regulator’s website before completing payment for a device transaction.

Wakil said that the type-approval process is to ensure, checkmate and reduce the importation and usage of sub-standard telecommunications devices in Nigeria.
He underscored the fact that the verification was not limited to handsets alone but expanded to tablets, laptops and other devices.

“If substandard mobile devices were not checkmated in the Nigerian telecom industry, they could wreak a lot of havoc in the sector and consumers at large,” he said, outlining some of the challenges to include the issue of radiation.

Substandard handsets, Wakil said, could radiate beyond the specified or required percentage, thereby causing harm to the end-user, in addition to causing noise and interferences in the network.

“Oftentimes, telecom consumers complain of poor network services, while, unknown to them, it is the quality of their mobile devices that is the cause of the problem. This is the reason the commission is appealing to every consumer to check the NCC website before purchasing any model of their desired devices.

“We have model number list of the type-approved mobile devices either mobile phones, tablets, or laptops, or any devices that will be connected to the national network.”

NCC’s director equally lamented that state of the country was one major factor responsible for the influx of fake and substandard devices.

“These devices are in high demand because they appear to be cheaper, thereby encouraging sales and more patronage from unsuspecting telecom consumers,” he warned.

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