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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Are you soldier's daughter? - ITREALMS

Back then, I was ask my future dream job
Happily I answered, with a camor uniform Top
Seeing the uniform, makes me rise to serve
Today, soldiers dies like chicken and starve.

Collecting a form, was my greatest mistake
Facing a battle, my life is always at stake
Being a Nigeria Soldier, it's like a Self-immolation
We all face a battle without no ammunition.

Dear Daughter,

With a bleeding heart, I regret signing a lifelong contact
At any time, death can make a contact
Being a good citizen, I've pledged with my blood
For my country, where corruption is their Lord
I hope I return one day, if truly it's my calling
Politicians celebrate, as soldiers keeps fallen.

Dearest Daughter,

I needed to fight for the helpless sons and daughters,
Of the fallen heroes whom were shot and others, slaughtered.
I needed to take revenge for the forgotten widows,
Whose hubbies were joyfully massacred like crew of feeble mosquitoes.

Dearest Daughter,
So sad, I could no longer eat with you your favorite meal.
It was never a wish to renege on my many promises,
But, I had always been pained by the deaths of my accomplices.

Dearest Daughter,

I was glad I fought like a warrior you fondly address me as,
But, not bidding a proper goodbye remains a deep pain in my ass.

Dearest Daughter,

We were let down by those who sent us to the wars,
Making fighting for our country a regretful national curse.
Providing us with no Intel nor adequate weapons,
Making us preys for deadly terrorists, bandits and arsons.

Dearest Daughter,
Expect no reparation, we're betrayed for our patriotism,
But always be proud of my loyalty, altruism and heroism.

To all the families of our brave fallen soldiers. My heart goes out to you and your families. Words can never express the appreciation I have to them for all they have done for me, for all of us, and for each individual.

I hope one day in heaven I can thank them one after the other. My heart hurts for what has happened to you recently in Kaduna, Katsina and other parts of the country.

I may not know you personally, but we are still family and people should treat each other like family not killing them.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, always. Just like I feel we owe you a debt we can never repay you or your families. But, we shall keep celebrating you, our heroes and she-roes! You will continue to live our hearts and minds.

*Contributed by Idris Bakare @Fearless Writer/Editor

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