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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Insecurity in Nigeria: Bishop Kukah lampoons Gen. Buhari’s clannish presidency - ITREALMS

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Most Rev. Dr. Matthew Hassan Kukah, has lampoon the President, General Mohammadu Buhari for running nepotistic and clannish presidency in Nigeria, reports ITREALMS.

This was contained in his homily at the funeral mass of late Seminarian Michael Nnadi, Tuesday in Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Kukah said, that these fangs have ruined the military and ancillary security agencies, thereby putting the country on the brink.
ITREALMS recalls that late Seminarian, Michael Nnadi was killed by the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram alongside Mrs. Ataga, about January 29, 2020, after weeks of capture and torture.

“No one could have imagined that in winning the Presidency, General Buhari would bring nepotism and clannishness into the military and the ancillary security agencies, that his government would be marked by supremacist and divisive policies that would push our country to the brink,” he said.

This President Buhari, he said, “has displayed the greatest degree of insensitivity in managing our country’s rich diversity.”

Also, Kukah accused General Buhari of subordinating the larger interests of the country to the “hegemonic interests of his co-religionists and clansmen and women.”

As said by him, the impression created now is that, to hold a key and strategic position in Nigeria today, it is more important to be a northern Muslim than a Nigerian.

In all of this, Bishop Kukah posited that neither Islam nor the north can identify any real benefits from these years that have been consumed by the locusts that this government has unleashed on the country.

“The Fulani, his innocent kinsmen, have become the subject of opprobrium, ridicule, defamation, calumny and obloquy. His north has become one large grave yard, a valley of dry bones, the nastiest and the most brutish part of our dear country,” he lamented.

Kukah insisted that the situation Nigeria in currently has everything to do with religion, stressing that its what happens when politicians use religion to extend the frontiers of their ambition and power.

“Are we to believe that simply because Boko Haram kills Muslims too, they wear no religious garb? Are we to deny the evidence before us, of kidnappers separating Muslims from infidels or compelling Christians to convert or die? If your son steals from me, do you solve the problem by saying he also steals from you? Again, the Sultan got it right: let the northern political elite who have surrendered the space claim it back immediately,” he charged

He beckoned on the northern Muslim elites to develop a moral basis for adequate power sharing with their Christian co-regionalists.

“We deny at our own expense,” he warned, stressing that by denying Christians lands for places of worship across most of the northern states, ignoring the systematic destruction of churches all these years, denying Christians adequate recruitment, representation and promotions in the State civil services, denying their indigenous children scholarships, marrying Christian women or converting Christians while threatening Muslim women and prospective converts with death, “they make building a harmonious community impossible.”

The bishop further said that nation building cannot happen without adequate representation and a deliberate effort at creating for all members a sense, a feeling, of belonging, and freedom to make their contributions.

“This is the window that the killers of Boko Haram have exploited and turned into a door to death. It is why killing Christians and destroying Christianity is seen as one of their key missions,” he decried.

*Remmy Nweke/DoP

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