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Monday, January 07, 2019

New Year 2019: Ositelu harps on one war

The presidential candidate of the Accord Party, Mr. Isaac Babatunde Ositelu has harpped on only one war that must be won by Nigerians, which is the necessities of life, reports ITREALMS.

In his new year message for 2019 made available to ITREALMS, Ositelu  urged fellow Nigerians to join hands with him against this war through their votes.

Part of his address read:

"Fellow Nigerians I join you in celebrating the privilege to be alive to see yet another year in the cause of Nigeria history. As we usher in the new year - we need to remind ourselves that this a new year and therefore we need to do away our old ways including the old government and career politicians who have managed to turn our common wealth to personal wealth.

"Every four years we have the opportunity to change the direction, the leadership, the stewardship and the collective destiny of this country. Each time we have failed to do so. The simple definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. My fellow Nigerians - we are neither insane or brain dead. Therefore we can not continue to do the same thing or recycle career politicians and expect dividend of democracy. Our elite and political barons have taken us for granted by make empty promises and coming back to deny it over and over again.

"There is only one WAR to fight in this country, and that WAR is the fight for basic necessities of life and affordable accommodation (Nigeria dream). In 1984 we were led in a war against indiscipline. Where did it get us - NOWHERE. IN 2015 we started another war against corruption. Where did it led us - again to NOWHERE.

"Please I implore you to join our new movement been led by the ACCORD PARTY under the stewardship of Isaac Ositelu to fight for PEACE, PROSPERITY, ACCOUNTABILITY AND MINIMUM STANDARD OF LIVING. To do this we need to do away with past. Don’t be deceived the present government of APC and the media acclaimed front run PDP are all part and parcel of the past we MUST do away with as a people and as a country.

"Shout it on the roof top - echo it on the street, in bus garage, beer parlor, blue, green and red light districts, the IDP camps, in churches, in mosques, amongst traditional religion and in every nooks and cranny of this great nation that we free at last. Free from poverty, free from joblessness, free from perpetual darkness, free from hunger, free from living in slumps. To get this new freedom, we have to be bold and stand firm to do what is best for ourselves, our children and our children’s children.

"Fellow Nigeria those who led us here will NOT give up without a though resistance. Be mindful because, they have the wherewithal, the money, the influence and the security apparatus to intimidate us. They will come again as they use to come every four - four years to induce you with palatable such monetary and other material gifts to buy your vote. Take their gift - it is part of our Commonwealth entrusted in their which they have illicitly stolen. But don’t vote for them.

"Your VOTE using your PVC is your weapon that will librate you and your family from poverty, insecurity and diseases. If you desire good standard of living, opportunity for self determination and functional government, instead of living in slumps then cast your vote for ACCORD party. The party of now and the future led by Isaac Ositelu the visionary leader. Let us proof the book makers and political pollsters wrong. A vote for ACCORD party is a mandate for good governance.

"As we match forward in this year, let us match forward with one common purpose to change the course of history for Nigeria and Nigerians once and for all by noting for ACCORD party massively in the forth coming election. Nigeria is the beacon of LIGHT- of hope to other African nation and to black race everywhere. The country that is set on high cannot be hide. No one light a candle and put it under a table. Your PVC is your light to shine into every corner of Nigeria darkness. If you have not collected your PVC - please go and collect it and use it wisely by voting massively for ACCORD party. Please let us avoid looking back to those who led us astray.

"Looking back to these same politicians who have gamed the system to enrich themselves and their families have nothing to offer us that will improve our life’s. We say no more to living in the slumps of Ajegunle, Makoko, Ogoni, Guadalajara and IDP camps. We say no to poverty, hopelessness, backwardness, diseases, infant mortality and short life span. Things that are obvious and basic necessity of life still remain luxury in our country because of incompetence and structural arrangement coined

"Welcome to new year of peace, prosperity and new government to be led by ACCORD party, that will take us to the promise land where Nigeria and Nigerian can fulfill their destiny and live up to their full potentials.

"Finally let me remind you again that your PVC is your weapon against all forms of insecurities and power blocks that have influence your destiny. The biggest and most powerful but ignored of all the power blocks is the masses and youth power block. Use your PVC wisely - by voting for a new Nigeria to be led by ACCORD government in the year.

Ayo Midele/GEE

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