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Thursday, April 12, 2018

ONEm expands Internet-like service to Africa

The London-based ONEm Communications has concluded plans to bring internet-like services to millions of people without the internet, reports ITRealms.

This, ITRealms gathered, would afford any ordinary mobile, and users to engage in group communication with each other like people do over the internet, but this time over the Short Messaging Service (SMS).

Revealing these plans, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), ONEm, Mr. Christopher Richardson, said the London high-tech firm expansion plan in Africa will come through licensing and local partnerships.

“African business concerns are currently discussing licensing rights and partnerships. The move will see advanced services for rural Africa spread throughout the continent,” he revealed during a presentation to selected African officials, recently.

Richardson also described Africa as a very big and diverse continent, stressing that “Reaching all rural areas needs significant funding and formidable technical challenges. However, the ONEm's solution utilizes existing infrastructure to deliver innovative services to rural communities."

Internet based group communications, he said, is the one service that transformed the mobile. An internet identity allowed people to interact with each other globally without borders. Mobile internet allows friends to share and exchange information anywhere.

“They could interact with applications for content and services. They could create and own their own content. Africa has the talent and resources to develop services that reach all rural areas today” he said.

Half of the world’s population is without internet. They cannot enjoy the wonders of interactive social communications, content and services. With ordinary mobiles, the internet is completely out of reach.

Chuks Egbune/ED, Ops

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