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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Mass is boring according to Rev. Fr Leo Awojinrin


There are so many comments I have heard about the Holy Mass from Catholics ranging from how conservative it is, to how it makes them sleep, to how they look forward to seeing certain Priests before they can attend mass. Well, I just feel very sorry for many.

I came by some words written by Matthew Kelly, the New York times best selling Author thus: 'Anyone who says I'm bored actually insults God, but to say Mass is boring is a higher level of insult on God'. My quotation of his writing may not be exact but the sense is well captured. Analytically, no one can be bored because God has given us something to engage us always. If you haven't discovered yours, then think harder!

My own concern is when people think that the Catholic worship must give you the kind of pleasure you get after a meal in an expensive eatery or after seeing Black Panther in a cinema or after shopping for the things you love from Shoprite or after mtn, glo, or airtel give you awoof airtime. No! Little wonder, our new generation of Pastors invite Comedians into Church on Sundays to entertain the members. God, we are sorry!

The Holy Mass is strictly meant to facilitate an encounter with God. Your primary aim of worshipping in Church is to meet with God. You are not in Church to meet with a particular Priest who tells stories during his homily. 

You are not in Church to laugh at anything that is amusing during the sacred worship. You are not in Church to charge your phone as many people do since the generator will always be on. You are not in Church to look for beautiful girls or fine boys who can serve as life partners. You are not in Church to occupy space by just sitting down without being part of the worship.

As the document of the Church Fathers, Sacrosactum Concilium teaches 'our participation at the liturgy of the Church must be full, conscious, active and fruitful'. When you are at Mass, you must sing when they sing, dance when you are meant to dance, stand when it is required, kneel when it is called for, pray when you are meant to, recite where recitation is needed. 

An attempt at this can make the mass a huge blessing to anyone who participates. If you participates fully, consciously, actively and still feel bored then you may have to see your Doctor for a special diagnosis. And please, stop calling the Mass a service. A service is worship led by a lay minister like a Seminarian, Catechist, Lay leader etc but the Mass is the worship celebrated only by a validly ordained Priest. Let us not confuse them. Worship can never be boring. It is always a source of goodness from God. Discover it and you will be blessed.

*Rev. Fr. Leo Awojinrin is of Catholic Diocese of Ijebe-Ode 

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