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Monday, December 05, 2016

An applause for revolutionary Dunoma @FAAN

Leadership is as much a question of timing as anything else. A leader must appear on the scene when people are looking for leadership as Mao Tse Tung did in 1931, as Winston Churchill did in 1940 and as Lenin did in 1917, when he comes, he must offer a simple, eloquent message, that is what Engr. Saleh did when he assumed office in 2014 he gave the message “building the institution through selfless service to our fatherland. 

The appointment of Engr. Saleh Dunoma as the Managing Director of FAAN, was the best thing to have happened in the aviation industry. He came on board when the entire Aviation industry was hungry for Transparent Leadership. He is a seasoned administrator, a great simplifier who cut through argument, debate and doubt to offer solution to huge challenges that have beset the aviation industry for years, which today is understood to be a thing of the past, due to emergence of Engr. Dunoma. 

His resilient, doggedness and his leadership style of placing square pegs in square holes has placed the aviation sector on the plinth of greatness through purposeful leadership.

Suffice it to say that the advent of Engr. Dunoma and his agenda for the aviation sector in the last two years have greatly and enormously transform the   aviation industry with glaring evident of facts. 
It is being obvious that the Aviation sector needed a pragmatic helmsman with wealth of experience, to direct its affair which was found in Engr. Dunoma: quality leadership, purposefulness, accountability, truthfulness, humility, tolerance and love forthe industry. 

Over the years, administrative leadership that eluded the aviation sector, but today FAAN has found it in Engr. Dunoma. People can only be led where they want to go, the leader follows, though a step ahead, Engr. Dunoma has demonstrated a leadership that rides waves, move with the tides and understand the deepest yearnings of the entire staff of FAAN. 

Engr. Dumona has shown that aviation sector can grow to meet up with international best practices and standards even in the midst of pessimist, critics and enemies of development. He has achieved giant strides even with little resources at his disposal and has expressed pragmatism in the face of challenges. Engr. Dunoma dignifies our desire, convince us that aviation industry will become the hub for economic advancement which will be to the advantage of the nation.

He has given FAAN a sense of glory and the   Aviation sector at large, it will be a great disservice if Engr. Dumona do not get applause from us as an organization, whose mandate is to evaluate the performance of public office holders to ensure it is in tandem with parameters of transparency, accountability and probity for the overall economic growth and national development.

We the initiative for leadership and Economic Watch in Nigeria have resolved to promote openness, and at all times with patriotism, where the people opinion direct the course Justice and fair play in the administrative process of Government institutions. We state unequivocally that Engr. Dunoma has proven to us that he has come to serve Nigerians with outmost desire to revolutionize Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria.

It is against this background, we therefore state with all humility and confidence that Engr. Dunoma is currently reflecting back to us, aviation sense of purpose, putting into words aviation dream and hope by transforming her needs and fears into concrete administrative polices and programmes that are result oriented and which today are evident for all to see.

Courtesy: Ambassador Agbonkpolor is the Executive Director of Initiative for leadership and Economic Watch in Nigeria

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