Thursday, June 30, 2016

CheckPoint cyber-threat index ranks Nigeria 19th

The latest threat index by CheckPoint Software Technologies, has ranked Nigeria 19th, showing that most African countries are volatile in threat ranking, just as the number of active global malware families increased by 15 per cent  by the end of May 2016, reports ITRealms.

The company also said May Threat Index presents a mixed view of Africa, with several countries making quite strong moves up and down the index - the higher their relative ranking in the index, the greater the threat of cyber-attack.

The Area Manager for East and West Africa at Check Point Software Technologies, Mr. Rick Rogers, said there are four African countries in the top ten of the index, including Malawi who currently sits at third thereby improving by one position from the previous month.

“The others include Djibouti, Namibia and Angola. Just outside of the top ten, at eleventh, sits Botswana. There are 112 countries on the overall Index,” he said.

The West African technology and economic hub, Nigeria, Rogers said, is currently ranked 19th; a significant improvement on April’s 11th position.  Stressing that in a reversal of fortunes of sorts, east African powerhouse, Kenya shifted a massive 46 positions to sit at just 37th.

He also said, globally, Check Point detected 2,300 unique and active malware families attacking business networks in May, pointing out that it was the second month running that Check Point observed an increase in the number of unique malware families, having previously reported a 50 per cent increase from March to April.

“The continued rise in the number of active malware variants highlights the wide range of threats and scale of challenges security teams face in preventing an attack on their business critical information,” he said.

Precisely, the May checklist by CheckPoint noted that banking malware Tinba became the fourth most prevalent form of infection last month in Kenya, and ninth in Nigeria.

“This Trojan allows hackers to steal victims’ credentials using web-injects, activated as users try to log-in to their banking website. Tinba ranked second in the overall international threat list,” he said.

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