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Thursday, July 16, 2015

NCC may revoke 37 ISP licenses, insists ‘its criminal to operate without license’


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has 37 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on its list of those to be revoked before end of July this year, if they are unable to renew expired licenses, reports ITRealms.

A public statement obtained by ITRealms, the Director, Public Affairs, Mr. Tony Ojobo, said that the attention of the Commission, has been drawn to the activities of some companies operating internet service with expired licenses.

Some of the ISPs affected are Wesa Globalnet Limited, Voix Networks Limited, Gulk Technologies Network Limited, Oracle Circle Telecommunications Ltd, Entouche Networks Nigeria Ltd, Globalmacrocom Liomited, Nubra Network Limited, Acet Technologies Limited, Aphanet Tehnologies & E-Solutions Ltd, Hi-Tech & Satellite Communications Ltd and Proclaim360 Communications Ltd.

Others are Abuja Connect Limited, NIV Internet services Ltd, Reve-Links Ltd, Al-Wabel Star Trading Ltd, Zysod Communications Ltd, Thorst Ltd, Information Connectivity Solutions Ltd, Valueplus Software Ltd, Inwe Limited, Integrated Broadband Networks Ltd, Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Ltd, Royal Red Roses International Nig, LogicRock Ltd, Estream Networks Ltd, XL Communications Ltd, and Omni Networks Ltd.

In addition, NCC listed Panache Technologies Ltd, Aurora Wireless Ltd, Falmur Communications Nig. Ltd, Renna Telecomms Ltd, Artifice Colony Nigeria Ltd, Mindhub Technologies Ltd, Phonetime Technologies Ltd, Croset Telecommunications Nig. Ltd, Single Eagle Technologies Ltd, Network Information Technology Nig. Ltd.

He also said that the act of the provision of communications service without valid license is a contravention of the provisions of Section 31, 43 and 44 of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003.

Mr. Ojobo pointed out that in the light of the above, the Commission through the media has drawn the attention of the affected companies to its statutory powers contained in Sections 31 and 45 of the NCA 2003 and the express terms and conditions of the license granted by the Commission and warned that it is a criminal offence to operate communications service without license.

The notice which came as “Warning to Internet Service Providers Operating with Expired License” NCC said that in addition to criminal investigation and prosecution, the commission reserves the power to suspend and/or revoke the said licence in accordance with Section 45 of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003.

In the light of the above, the Commission equally warned all the affected licensees to unfailingly within 14 days from the date of this publication (June 23, 2015) to commence the license renewal process otherwise the Commission may in exercise of its statutory powers commence appropriate enforcement action against any defaulter including but to having their respective license suspended or revoked.

Further, the Commission said it considered the warning necessary to advice the general public, subscribers and all other telecommunications service providers doing business with the affected companies that the companies do not hold a valid license of the Commission, that at the expiration of the deadline, the commission may communicate their activities to the Nigeria Police and issue notice of suspension or revocation of the individual license.

Head, Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement, Dept. NCC, Mr. Efose Idehen said that this is a pre-notice to all the concerned companies.

List of ISPs on NCC awaiting revoking list.

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