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Friday, February 13, 2015

Digital Footprint goes to Dublin Science Gallery

The ADAPT Centre, formerly known as CNGL has confirmed to ITRealms that its weeklong Lifelogging is headed to the city of Dublin Science Gallery.
ITRealms reports that Lifelogging week has splited into lab, big foot and exhibition.

According to a press statement made available to ITRealms, these three upcoming events were designed to help participants understand how much of their data is "out there" and learn strategies to make them a little more secure.

Equally, the outlined includes that the exhibition, for instance, which commenced Friday, February 13, 2015 would last till April 12, this year.

As for the Lifelogging Lab week, ITRealms gathered it will last for a week between Tuesday 17th February and Sunday 22nd February, 2015.
Also, there would be a 45 minutes Bigfoot workshop to afford participnts to know how big is their digital footprint.

The researchers, led by Dr. Kevin Koidl, ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin will be featured alongside participants who will be exploring the LIFELOGGING LAB by taking part in psychometric testing and contributing to real research on social media, online personalities, and data exhaustion.

ADAPT, ITRealms gathered has teamed up with AYLIEN, Dublin based experts in Text and Sentiment Analysis, to create BigFoot - a system that captures your online persona and determines how much of your data is out there. 

This is coming as the workshop on BigFoot: Keeping your data to yourself tends to consider if the social media is the death of privacy, or just an evolution of what currently would be understood as ‘private life’?

However, the BigFoot predicts that in the future data about the individual will become richer and more intrusive. Who owns this data? How it can be used?


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