Monday, November 10, 2014

Microsoft Mobile to destroy data on Nokia Sync, N Series, Symbian phones

Microsoft Mobile, the new owners of Nokia mobile has warned of plans to discontinue services on Nokia Sync by December 5, 2014 with all data destroyed afterwards, reports ITRealms.

In an electronic mail reminder made available to ITRealms, tagged “Termination of Nokia Sync and Impact to You” addressed to Nokia mobile phone customers, Microsoft its important to remind people, especially users of Nokia Sync on Nokia Series 40, N9 and Symbian phones of this development.

Part of the reminder read:

“Dear Nokia mobile phone customer,

We wanted to let you know of important changes affecting people who use Nokia Sync on Nokia Series 40, N9 and Symbian phones. Nokia Sync is the service that synchronises your contacts, calendar appointments and notes between your phone and the cloud.

We are planning to discontinue the Nokia Sync service on 5 December 2014. After 5 December 2014, you will not be able to access your data through the Nokia Sync service. We strongly encourage you to export and/or migrate your data from the service before this date.

Beginning today, you can use the following options to ensure you can continue to access your data. This includes the option to export your data so it can be imported into other services, or migrate your data to secure, cloud-based services from Microsoft. 

Option 1: Export               Option 2: Migrate


ITRealms gathered from the Services Team at Microsoft Devices that this notice was given in the interest of information privacy, hence all data that is stored in Nokia Sync will be destroyed following termination of the Nokia Sync service.

Microsoft also apologized for any inconvenience this may cause. 

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