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Monday, December 21, 2009

Akwa Ibom, 3i Mobile talk on free unlimited calls

PLANS to make Akwa Ibom State the toast in Information and Communication Technology before the end of next year is ongoing as talks between 3i Mobile and the Akwa Ibom State government is expected to lead to the state being the first in the country where people can make free unlimited cellular telephone calls.

ICTRealms Online gathered that 3iMobile is negotiating to deploy the first 4G-capable cellular network that would be available free in two stages, according to a press statement made available to correspondent. (signed by who)

In the first stage, which is due in mid 2010, all state civil servants will be able to make free calls between themselves in the state and extremely inexpensive calls within Nigeria to other networks.

“Due to network architecture and interconnect tariff rates, international calls will be as low as two naira per minute to most European, Asian and North American countries and slightly higher to other regions,” part of the press statement read.

In the second phase, due early 2011, 3i Mobile will roll out its 4G network across the state with a basket of free minutes to the citizens with extra minutes at a small premium.

The statement also said 3iMobile has already demonstrated a live system to the Nigerian army for use in times of conflict, enabling it to shut down existing networks and operate a secure network.

ICTRealms Online also gathered the system is in use by the London Metropolitan Police and was recently used during the last London terrorist bombing.

The system has also been demonstrated at the University of Lagos to enable students call each other without incurring cellular charges.

3i Mobile’s network is completely green technology with the base stations to be deployed by Koyanda Company utilizes solar and wind power thereby eliminating the expensive cost of diesel which drives up the cost of service.

3i Mobile’s network is called a disruptive technology because it challenges incumbents with the capability of transforming the entire mobile cellular business.

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