Monday, June 29, 2009

How to select ideal UPS – Kleynhans

Regional director for Africa, Indian Ocean Islands and South Caribbean at APC by Schneider Electric, Mr. Carl Kleynhans, has outlined how best to select an ideal Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), especially in Nigeria.

According to him, in a country like Nigeria, where power problems are common, companies require specific power protection features to help ensure uninterrupted computer availability.

“Based on this, it is important that organisations and computer users in general select the best uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect themselves from the damage to hardware and lost data that can be caused by a power outage,” he said.

Mr. Kleynhans said that in choosing an ideal UPS is easy to do only if consumers are ready to follow expert prescription.

For him, the first step a potential user must take is to walk around their home or office and list the equipment that would need to be protected by the UPS, remembering to include monitors, terminals, external hard drives and any other critical equipment.

“The next step is to look on the back of each piece of equipment for a nameplate that lists its power requirements in amps. For each item, the number of amps that will be plugged into each UPS must be calculated,” he asserted.

This figure, he pointed out, must then be multiplied by 120VA. The result is the VA requirement you’ll need your UPS to supply.

For example, a computer is 2 amps, the modem is 0.3 amps and the monitor is 1 amp, totaling 3.3 amps, that is, 120VA x 3.3 amps = 396VA.

He advised that if the components were measured in Watts, then the user must multiply the number of Watts by 1.4 in order to get the accurate VA figure.

“You can then select the UPS product with a VA rating that supports your VA total or is higher,” Kleynhans said.

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