Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Zinox plans FreePlay energy saving plant

Premier technology company, Zinox Technologies Limited, is advancing plans to set up a plant for FreePlay Energy product solutions in the country.

Chairman, Zinox Technologies, Dr. Leo-Stan Ekeh, made this disclosure at the corporate headquarters of the computer company while speaking to newsmen, during the launch of four of the solutions in Lagos.

According to him, the essence of Zinox going into such venture is that there is no health-risk associated with these products.

“We are looking at producing these products locally,” Dr. Ekeh declared, adding that his office would soon donate some of the products to security agencies.

Zinox, Dr. Ekeh said, is much interested in the plant to create more jobs for the citizenry.

“We’re interested in the plant to create more jobs for Nigeria,” he said.

As said by him, the newly created Digital Accessories Division (DAD) of Zinox Technologies Limited, would be collaborating with the United Kingdom-based FreePlay Energy on the eco-friendly solutions.

Dr. Ekeh added the low-cost solutions, have been certified energy as eco-system friendly by the World Health Organization (WHO).

These new products, he listed to include the Jonta Flashlight, Kito lantern, Indigo lantern and Eyemax AM/FM radio and sales between N3,750 and N8,000 with two years guarantee.

Also commenting, Head, Corporate Affairs at Zinox Technologies Limited, Mr. Echika Ezuka noted that Zinox as the leading information technology (IT) firm in West Africa has resolved as part of its primary duty to bring new technologies that would improve the quality of life for Nigerians at zero maintenance cost.

He also pointed out that due to the incessant power outages the nation has suffered great manpower losses due to deaths resulting from fire outbreaks or toxic fumes emitted by generating sets and candles.

Ezuka emphasized there are increasing cases of respiratory diseases and visual disorders as a result of long exposure to these energy sources.

He underscored the fact that the self-sufficient lights come with immense benefits to the Nigerian users, as they do not require external power to work.

“They could be charged by simply cranking the lever attached to the devise and after cranking for a few minutes it is charged and ready to work,” he declared.

These products, Ezuka further said, reduce the total cost in a demanding economy like Nigeria where constant power has become a major challenge.

The Jonta Flashlight, for instance, he said, is very powerful yet its a handy outdoor equipment which has the capacity to illuminate a surface area of over 50 meters and also has the signal visibility of up to 3 kilometres (km).

He explained that this product is highly recommended for use in the military and the para-military outfits as well as security agencies and individuals who work into the night.

On Kito lantern, he said, its a lightweight and child-friendly domestic item but comes on rugged plastic casing which makes it water and oil resistant.

“It can accommodate sharp drops and is very easy to clean,” he said, adding that the Indigo Lantern is an integrated lamp which features a cluster of ultra-bright LEDs that provide 360 degrees illumination, and a second single LED uni-directional illumination.

The Indigo is the most dependable lamp by all standards. Besides providing the excellent brightness the lamp could be used whenever needed anytime, anywhere. Fitted with a dimmer switch, the Indigo allows you to adjust the brightness of the lantern to your specific requirements, from maximum brightness down to a night-light.

According to him, when cranked for about 60 seconds the lamp could provide up to 2 hours of light on the lowest setting and up to 3 hours of continuous ultra bright light when fully charged.

Similarly the integrated directional light could shine for up to 35 hours continuously when fully charged. It is most ideal for students, homes and traders who trade their wares at night.

The EyeMax radio, Ezuka said, its fascinating both in design and delivery; its transparent casing reveals the complex engineering within the radio while the reception and sound quality are second to none.

As a standard, he said, the Eyemax offers the user three energy sources to choose from; self-charge using the winder attached to the side, the sun through the in-built solar panel and external recharge power options.

The radio, he further said, also comes equipped with an integrated LED flashlight for night vision. It can play for approximately an hour at normal volume per 1-minute crank and 25 hours of non-stop playtime on normal volume, when fully charged.

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