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Thursday, March 16, 2006

GBNlive makes a debut

Glory Online Communications has announced the debut of its webcast streaming programme, Glory Broadcast Network (GBN Live).

Webcast programmes are Internet-based streaming either recorded or live and hosted on a given portal or website.

Executive chairman of the firm, Mr. Davids Awanebi, while disclosing this in Lagos, decried the wrong use of the Internet by a section of the nation’s Internet enthusiasts.

He pointed out that this negates the original intents of the fathers of the Internet, stressing that the aim of his organization is to drive a wheel of change to harness the good potentials of the Internet.

Mr. Awanebi noted that by ensuring good use of the Internet, the benefits of knowledge economy would come to bear, mostly for Nigeria as a developing country.

The GBN Live, accessible at www.gbnlive.com, he said, has over six station’s in its knitty cutting across religion, current affairs, business, musicals, economic news and sports among others.

He explained that already, two out of the number are up and running, just as stations 1 and 2 are packed with extensive information from economic news rhythm and blues, which he said are ‘musicals’.

Awanebi further said that his firm has partnership with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and some indigenous independent programme producers, such as award winning ICT Africa currently streaming on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

To showcase the readiness of his firm to offer 24-by-7 service, he said, they have two generating sets and solar energy system to support the services.

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