Thursday, July 14, 2005

Lagos lotto, no go area for hackers - Orion

ORION Technologies Nigeria Limited, operators of the Lagos State Lottery, has said there is no room for fraudsters, otherwise call hackers, in the electronic game.

Hacker is a term used to describe different types of computer experts. The media and the general population typically use the term to mean “computer criminal” according to online Wikipedia.

General Manager, Business Development and Special Projects at Orion Nigeria, Mr. Dominic Dempers, gave this assurance in Lagos recently in a chat with newsmen.

He said that the lottery which rolled out yesterday, Wednesday, July 13, would not be penetrated by hackers among other electronic fraudsters.

The lottery, which is powered by Intralot, known as the second largest lottery technology supplier globally, has records of uncompromised security system.

“The system is highly secured and prevents hacking from hackers anywhere they might be operating from around the world,” he declared.
Assuring on the safety of the lottery, he said, the public has nothing to worry about of its operations as its central system has peculiar security mechanisms that effectively protect it from all forms of ticket fraudsters or hackers.

With 30 subsidiaries, seven business offices in 26 countries, Intralot, he said, is an experienced lottery technology supplier with operations in such countries as Malta, Turkey, Greece, and Serbia.

It would also have onsight technical manager for the Lagos operations as well as round-the-clock online support from Greece, which the Lagos system is linked to for replication, he said.

Chief executive of Orion Technologies, Mr. Humphrey Khoza also maintained that the infrastructure would be characterized by high-availability design as all key components are duplicated with no single points of failure; industry-leading equipment; highly-secure communications network; electronic access control in data centre, automatic fire detection and suppression systems in data centre and resilient under averse weather conditions.

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jennifer said...

Hello, I called yesterday with question about the Madonna situation. The Ed2Go are transcripted as grad credits but will not be accepted into a Madonna grad program. This was one of the things I had hopes for. I am going to pursue the question further in the next week. The explanation I received was they were for teachers who needed the plus 15 for the salary enhancement. They are all transcripted as Ed credits. I was hopeful there was some psych situation available and indeed there was but i never found out until i met him and he gave me all the answers i needed:(