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Friday, February 02, 2024

Transforming Nigerian construction with Flex House system - ITREALMS

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The founder of Flex House company, Mr. Attilio Bianchi, recently met with selected media in the bustling Nigerian city of Lagos. He delved on the intricacies of innovative system his company is bringing forte with potentials to transform the Nigerian construction landscape.
Transforming Nigerian construction with Flex House system - ITREALMS
The Flex House System: A Paradigm Shift in Construction
"The Flex House system is an innovative way of building house walls with integrated load-bearing structures," He explained. "It's about replacing traditional brick walls with disposable formwork made from recycled polymer."

This formwork is a game-changer. "Into this formwork, we cast lightened concrete," he continued, "including the load-bearing structure. This allows for high performance and protects the structure from fire and the consequent high temperatures, reducing the risk of structural collapse."

Key advantages that Elevate the Flex House System
The Flex House system boasts a plethora of advantages that set it apart from conventional construction methods. "High fire resistance is one," The Founder pointed out. "European laboratories have certified that our walls can withstand temperatures as high as 1,000.00 degrees Celsius, even higher than the melting point of steel, minimum for 4 hours"

The system goes a step further in addressing the issue of humidity, a common challenge in many Nigerian homes. "The lightened cement mix we use allow the house breathe, ensuring a comfortable and humidity-free living environment".

Flex House also scores big on impact resistance, protecting homes from storms and strong winds. "The system is capable of withstanding high-impact forces, shielding your home from debris and objects that may come flying during hurricanes or strong winds," He added.

Local Production: Creating Jobs and Fostering Competitiveness
Unlike many construction solutions that rely on imports, the Flex House system will be proudly made in Nigeria. The Founder emphasized, “We are committed to producing the system locally, protected by our Italian patent extension in Nigeria,".

This decision not only reduces reliance on imports but also generates employment opportunities for Nigerian workers and technicians. "By producing locally, we can lower production costs and almost eliminate transport costs, making our system even more competitive," he explained.

Why Nigeria?: A Market with High Potential?
The decision to focus on the Nigerian market was not taken lightly. "For several reasons, Nigeria stood out as the ideal destination for our Flex House system,”.

"Firstly, I have extensive experience in Nigeria, having worked here for over 20 years," he shared. "I understand the market dynamics and the challenges that come with working in this dynamic country."

Secondly, a thorough market analysis revealed Nigeria's immense potential, despite the current economic climate. "The country has everything: natural resources, oil resources, water, food, and a very intelligent population," Mr. Attilio stated. "I am confident that great opportunities will emerge for everyone in the near future."

Promotion and Expansion Plans
The Flex House team is already laying the groundwork for success in Nigeria. "We are currently developing a new website dedicated to Nigeria, working with a local company based in Abuja," is what he had to say.

A comprehensive web advertising campaign will also be launched to reach a wider audience. And that's just the beginning. "As the first construction projects commence, we will organize events targeted at industry players, including real estate developers, architects, and engineers," Mr. Attilio added.

Beyond Nigeria: A Regional Hub for West Africa
The ambition extends beyond Nigeria's borders. "The Flex House system has the potential to revolutionize construction across West Africa," is what he boldly declared. "We aim to establish Nigeria as our manufacturing hub for the region."

The company's plans include distributing the Flex House system to other companies in the region, making lightened concrete available for various applications, and investing in research and development to further enhance the system's capabilities.

For this groundbreaking company, the vision is clear: "We want to create a sustainable and innovative construction industry that addresses the needs of Nigerians and other West Africans."

With the Flex House system, it seems Nigeria is well on its way to becoming the innovation hub that West Africa has been waiting for.

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