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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Bridging Divide in Awka North: Governor Soludo must hear this - ITREALMS

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A call to Governor Soludo for good road network connectivity in Awka North's development thereby linking Enuana and Ofemili, writes Ozuah Strukture Nnamdi.
Bridging Divide in Awka North: Governor Soludo must hear this - ITREALMS
In the heart of Anambra State lies Awka North, a local government area rich in cultural diversity, comprising ten communities that are further divided into Enuana (upland) and Ofemili (Riverine).

Over the years, the resilient people of Awka North have faced neglect in terms of infrastructural development, but a new dawn is breaking under the visionary leadership of Governor Charles Soludo.

Governor Soludo's administration is leaving no stone unturned to place Awka North on the map of progress.

Notable among the ongoing projects is the transformative Amansea-Ebenebe-Ugbenu-Ugbene-Awba Ofemili road, designed to seamlessly connect the Ofemili region to the capital territory.

Similarly, the Unizik Tempsite-Okpuno-Isuaniocha-Urum-Achalla road is set to link Enuana towns with the capital, creating vital connections.

The governor's commitment to infrastructure has already succeeded in establishing direct links between the local government and Awka's capital territory.

However, an urgent need emerges – the essential connection between Enuana and Ofemmili remains absent. Presently, there are no major roads linking these two vital sub-divisions, presenting a significant challenge for residents.

Travelling from Ofemmili to access the local government headquarters in Achalla, an Enuana town, requires navigating through eight other local governments, turning what could be a 30-minute drive into a cumbersome two-hour journey.

This lack of connectivity not only hinders daily life but also impacts critical services, such as healthcare.

As the health commissioner has affirmed plans to revitalize the dilapidated General Hospital in Amanuke, an Enuana town, constructing link roads becomes paramount.

These roads, one from Ebenebe to Mgbakwu and another from Ugbene community to Amanuke community, will not only facilitate easier access to healthcare for Ofemmili residents but also enhance overall connectivity and economic activities.

In light of these pressing needs, we appeal to Governor Charles Soludo to extend his visionary efforts to bridge the gaps between Enuana and Ofemmili. Addressing this critical need will not only enhance the lives of the people in Awka North but will also solidify the legacy of Governor Soludo as a leader committed to comprehensive development, ensuring no community is left behind on the road to progress.

*Commentary by  Ozuah Strukture Nnamdi. He can be reached via: nnamdiozuah@gmail.com or 08031968536.


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