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Saturday, May 21, 2022

I leveraged ASUU strike to get skilled on cakes, decoration says Busrah - ITREALMS

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The founder of ‘Let's Talk About Cake’ Busrah Adeola Adelakun-Adeniji, is a Mass Communicator cum Creative Director of CakesbyBusrah, says her venture into the bakery industry was unintentional, advising startups to follow their passions. The Fondant Queen revealed to ITREALMS’ GBEMI OMOTOSO how she leveraged ASUU strikes to get trained and technologies for delivery.

Founder of ‘Let's Talk About Cake’ Busrah Adeola Adelakun-Adeniji, is a Mass Communicator cum Creative Director at CakrsbyBusrah

Family life:

I’m married to a wonderful man and we have two cute sons.

What is your educational background?

I attended Ad-din International School (Primary) Challenge, Ibadan, Oyo State; then, my secondary school education at Abadina College, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, after which I proceeded to Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State to study Mass Communications alongside the 2006/2007 set. I also obtained some professional course in Advertising and Promotional Management at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) Akoka, Lagos and holds MSc in Mass Communications from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) in 2015.

How has the journey in baking industry been?

As I have always reiterated, my journey into the baking industry was not intentional because I never knew that what started as a passion could eventually turned to be my number one source of livelihood. Actually, I have always loved to be a presenter/actor but here I am making headway in the confectionery business.

Though, it was not a walk in the park because I have put in a lot of hardwork and dedication to achieve the feat. I have trained under many Sugar Crafters/Cake Gurus in the cake industry and I am still learning. "We only stop learning the day we die".

Why your preference for baking above other skills?

To be candid, I have always loved Creative Arts - sketching, drawing, colouring,.etc coupled with the fact that I have imaginative mind, it is easier for me to draw inspiration from everything around me. But the number one (1) person that made me fall in love with confectionery business is my mother; with the little knowledge she garnered from her Home-Economics classes back in her school days she always make pastries - puff puff, rock buns, fish pie, fish roll, sausage, short bread, among others for the family. When the times were hard, she ventured into pastry business to support the family. As I grew being the first born, I started having interest as well.

So it wasn't a surprise for my parents during a long ASUU strike back in my university days, I decided to go for a full training in cake baking, cake decorating and event management. 

I choose Cake Baking & Cake Decorating because it gave me the opportunity to showcase my God-given talent at the same time, impacting positively on others clients and colleagues respectfully. I derived so much joy when I am decorating a cake or sharing knowledge.

How many years have you been in cake industry?

Smiles... I have been baking since my university days, but professionally nine (9) years.

Your major challenge in the industry?

The number one’s major challenge was visibility; despite operating well in Ibadan; using a very big shop in my parents’ house before I got married. Upon relocating to Lagos, it was like back to square one because nobody knows me in Lagos. Then, I did a lot of traveling; shuttling between Lagos and Ibadan-my client's base in order to fulfill my dreams. However, when I had my first child, it wasn't easy moving around.

Another issue is space to do my baking; Lagos with small compartments. I couldn't even bring my cake tools from Ibadan because there's no space to keep them. I don't like confined spaces because I am used to open and well ventilated environment.

Also, the issues of getting and sustaining clients, in addition to bad roads and power supply to mention a few; With this, I had to put in a whole lot of effort to be where I am today.

How did you overcome the challenges?

I started by discussing it with my husband, he suggested I rent a shop but I gave him my reasons and we both agreed that's the best. So we decided to rent a bigger apartment instead. Though I searched for almost a year but eventually, I got a very spacious three (3) bedroom apartments. When I saw the kitchen and the living room, my joy knew no bounds.  Then in 2014, I moved my tools back to Lagos, registered my business and I started afresh.

The first thing I did was to join cake groups. I needed to be visible in order to achieve my dream of being a successful sugar crafter. I participated in group activities both online and on-site. I dedicated time to assisting group owners in organizing cake shows and exhibitions, while I participated in cake competition, cake display and all. 

Gradually, I increased my online presence on all the social media platforms. I already registered my business name on all the social media platforms that matters to push my business, so it was easier to gain visibility.

Thereafter, I started getting cake jobs and I was being invited to facilitate in cake groups and cake shows, but when there's no job, I sit and practice out different cake designs on cake dummies. Most especially Fondant Cakes. I discovered my own Fondant Recipe. I was known as the Fondant Queen. After decorating the dummies, I will take good pictures and post on my social media platforms this increased my client’s base as well.

On the 15th of June (my birthday) due to COVID-19 Pandemic, I started a WhatsApp cake group to engage upcoming bakers on my free birthday classes since there's restriction to public gatherings at that time and that was how the WhatsApp group came to be. It was easier for me to reach and engage my group members, administrators, fans and followers via WhatsApp and it has been awesome. Also, with the advent of Car rides - Bolt, Uber...made cake delivery easier.

As a prominent baker, why did you choose to operate from home office instead of having your cake studio at a choice location?

Hhmm... After marriage, I relocated to Abuja, then Lagos but I found Lagos too boisterous compared to serenity life in Ibadan where I grew up. Sincerely, for an Ibadan babe, despite that I have spent few years in Lagos before now, I found it a bit difficult to cope in Lagos at first. 

Also, with the fact that my children are still young, I wanted to give them proper care without the presence of maids. So, I decided to stick to doing business from home for the time being. Eventually, we will put proper structure in place and move out to a building of our own...when the time is right.

But over the years, I came to realize that it is not actually about the location of your business most of the time, it is more of how you are able to push the business to the world, especially these days of social media/online sales marketing. I realized you can sell right in the comfort of your home once you create a niche for yourself.

What are your achievements in baking Industry?

Waoh! I am grateful to God for giving me the grace to create a cake group - "Let's Talk About Cake with Busrah" - where we share knowledge with over 250 participants.

This is to encourage upcoming bakers, share business ideas, widen their horizons, be the best version of themselves for business growth and personal development.

However, I have led different teams in organising cake shows, exhibitions, talent hunts, organizing various cake competitions just to mention a few.

Also, I have always given free classes to upcoming bakers on my birthdays, as my own little way of giving back to the society.

Any experience in the corporate world?

Aside briefly working in NTA Channel 10, Tejuosho and in Advertising firm during my Industrial Training (IT), I did not venture into working in a corporate setting because I realized early in life that I prefer hand-work, being my own boss, working within my timeframe, however, no regrets so far, because I love my skill in the baking world.

How do you manage stress when handling back-to-back bookings?

I don't take bookings back to back. I take only what I can handle. Despite working from home, I have students that come in from time to time to assist when the workload is much. However, I take time-off to rest when I feel stressed. I love family time a lot; being with my family relaxes me. Then I also relax by reading novel going to the cinema, watching movies, television shows, cartoons/animations.

Any award to your credit?

Alhamdulilah! God has been wonderful. I have been nominated for different award categories alongside Cake bosses in the industry from time to time; such a great feat for me. It shows we are doing something right at Cakes by Busrah. As a home baker, this is huge. Over the years I have bagged awards in Best Cake Image, Best Group Administrator, Outstanding Facilitator, to mention a few.

Your views on mentorship?

Waoh! Mentor(s) act as guides to their mentees and most times for a fee. However, a good mentor must be willing to share skills, knowledge, and expertise. A good mentor must be willing to teach what he or she knows, while, a mentee must know their boundaries and respect the privacy of their mentor.

Cake by Busrah

What is your likes and dislikes?

I love working with like-minded, creative and talented people; I do not like dealing with backbiters and dishonest people.

What are your hobbies?

Meeting new people, traveling, family gathering, reading/watching movies/television shows. 

What is your dream country?

It definitely has to be Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Also, I would love to visit African countries like Ghana, South Africa or Tanzania.

Any word for upcoming bakers?

The upcoming bakers should realise that the sky is wide enough for everyone to fly without pulling anyone down. They should also be distinct and be prayerful. Get proper training; Do not be a jack of all trades, master of none; Stick to the aspect you are good at, stay on your lane and expect God's blessing.


Anonymous said...

Wow wow
To my amazing boss, she is indeed more than she had said, she has a heart of gold in teaching others and pulling others up
Trustworthy and industrious too, her home is her office and u can’t complain about what justice she is doing there
Her creativity is superb and amazing
She is an Amazon of strength if I can use that word
Love u sis, we soar together

Anonymous said...

Wow wow
To my amazing boss, she is indeed more than she had said, she has a heart of gold in teaching others and pulling others up
Trustworthy and industrious too, her home is her office and u can’t complain about what justice she is doing there
Her creativity is superb and amazing
She is an Amazon of strength if I can use that word
Love u sis, we soar together
El-Berit cakes n more

Anonymous said...

She is a nice person ,really to listen to you, i have not seen her before we
just talk on the WhatsApp platform, she has the heart of gold God bless you ma, love you ma

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the feature ITREALMS. This is awesome. Much love to you beautiful people, let's keep baking the world proud.

Anonymous said...

She is a very nice, caring and accommodating woman. I have not met her before but we talk on whatsapp. May Allah continue to strengthen u and out more Baraka in ur endeavors. I wish to meet u in person vee soon Insha Allah. Onaolapo Tawakalt from Tawal cakes

Anonymous said...

If inspiration was a person, definitely it's CakesByBusrah. God bless u sis, u inspire me alot

Anonymous said...

She is an awesome woman and a great inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

Love your inspiration,you’re so great.
I pray Allah to bless you abundantly.
I sincerely learn from it and I wish and pray to be able to work towards it .thank you for the words of encouragement .

Anonymous said...

Mosha Allahu to you ,you’re bless

Anonymous said...

Ma'am you have been an awesome inspiration to me since I followed #cakebybusrah.thañks for being such an open minded person 🙏💯♥️

Anonymous said...

You are a great boss and a motivator to us upcoming bakers. Thank you for all you do. We love you. Hadashael cakes

Anonymous said...

Weldone oremi..higher u IJN Amen

Anonymous said...

A great woman who is selfless and very humble.. i fondly called her Oremi becos she is a true friend. Love from Jelms

Anonymous said...

Weldone my sister, you are doing great. I can see you going places👍

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work you have been doing. Kudos ma

Anonymous said...

Love to for who you are... Keep up the good work sis

lawalmutiat09@gmail.com said...

Infact,she is a true definition of an inspiration. My boss,my blood,my friend,my sister. Coming across her has been a blessing to me and many around. Always ready to listen and so accommodating. She will never cease to be strict with you,if needs be for your own betterment. May God keeps blessing the works of her hand. I really appreciate her. Keep it up sis.

Anonymous said...

Welldone sis keep the good work

6taz_events said...

Not met u in person, but am glad our parts crossed, am in so many groups, but urs is the best! keep up the good works👌

Azeez Azeezah said...

Maa Sha Allah Boss, May God Almighty continue to be with you 🙏♥️♥️♥️

Anonymous said...


Indeed u are a blessing t the Baking industry...

God bless u for all u do...
God bless ur kind heart

Pearl-G cakes said...

She is so blessed and ready to bless others, she no dey do pass herself, so real and realistic to the core, a leader in all aspect...May Allah keep strengthen u upon goodness and me too ma aamin

Anonymous said...

This is great, you are more than what you described ma'am. I use to wonder how you manage everything together perfectly including the group "Let's talk about cake. You are indeed a supper woman. Bonafide cakes sending love from ABUJA ❤❤❤

Anonymous said...

Great woman she’s a blessing to the industry God bless you more

Anonymous said...

If you are ready to learn she's ever ready to teach, she is a blessing to this generation, when I look at her I wonder what is going on in her head, her creativity is topnotch, and she's one of the busiest people on earth, her energy or strength is surely divine. God bless and keep her and a very big thank you to @itrealms for showcasing this boss lady. MDelicious Foods Cares.

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