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Friday, May 13, 2022

How flowers lured me into event world says ‘Damilola Nubi - ITREALMS

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A graduate of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB) and Creative Director of Twinkle Events, Mrs. Oluwadamilola Nubi, spoke to ITREALMS’ GBEMI OMOTOSO on a number of issues concerning event industry startup, revealing how her love for flowers lured her into event world.

Creative Director of Twinkle Events, Mrs. Oluwadamilola Nubi

How did you get your brand name?

I got it from my imagination "Twinkle" means lightning, or to be a star which complements my desire to be a star in the event world.

What is your educational background?

I attended the Sacred Heart Private School, Ring Road, Ibadan and had my secondary education at Pislib De Varsity International School, Ibadan, before I proceeded to Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB) degree in Horticulture (B. Agric).

What brought a Horticulturist into the Event Industry?

Horticulture is a field which deals with garden cultivation i.e the garden and flowers while Floriculture is an aspect under horticulture too, they are kind of related.  My love for flowers fueled my interest to the event world.

How have you been able to actualize your desires?

Well, we arrange flowers, though I use artificial flowers now but I know their names instead of just calling them by their generic names (flowers). We have different types of flowers, like the roses, lily, and ragea, wisteria just to mention a few while we make use of flowering plants too like palms.

I love events naturally though during my University days; I'm always there to make birthdays work among my friends, my department and fellowship as well. I love when a space is transformed beautifully.

Do you prefer working on natural or artificial flowers?

Well, I work majorly with artificial flowers now. One problem with natural flowers is preservation. Only few people can afford natural flowers. Also, natural flowers are more expensive than artificial. Artificial flowers can be reused severally but natural flowers can't be reused.

 How do you mean?

Artificial flowers can be washed when dirty but natural flowers are just one use.

Have you worked in a Corporate Organization?

No! I started my event decor after the one-year service to my dear country under the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

What is your specialization in event industry?

I'm an Event Decorator.

What does it entails to be an Event Decorator?

As a decorator, one must be creative because decoration is about beautification; there are so many designs that can be created without repeating previous ones. It can still be the same props but used in another way.

How has the journey been as an Event Decorator?

It is challenging, one has to have passion for event because a lazy person can't venture into it. As a decorator, we are the first to always get to the venue and the last to leave, while as married woman one have to take care of the home as well. Also, one has to be updated to be relevant in the business.

Considering the economic situation in the country, how do you handle a low-budget event and still be profitable?

Low budget event is not profitable these days, the best that can be done is when we use props from previous events because prices inflate every day.

What is your daily routine like?

Well, I usually go to my office every day because we often have things to do; it's either we are folding fabrics, sorting out materials used in previous events and so on.

What's your spouse's view when your job takes you out for days?

He's understanding and very supporting as he is familiar with my job's schedule. He doesn't frown at that.

One of the event decorations by Twinkle Events

How do you balance your home front as Event decorator?

I thank God for an understanding husband, I prepare ahead before any events. I make sure soup is cooked ahead most times.

How do you maintain a healthy status?

I sometimes go to the gym before going to work but not every day.

How do you get your clients?

Majorly from referrals, from events, people collect our cards during events and sometimes through Instagram as well.

What is your view on social media as a veritable tool in advertising?

Social media is a powerful and a cheap form of advertising; once a client makes enquiry, the next thing they will ask is your Instagram handle. Nowadays, we have so many scammers and liars even on the social media, they'll take people's job, post it on their Instagram handle so as to get clients.

Have you encountered any challenges on the social media?

I have not. I tell my clients what I can deliver. I don't promise what I can't get, though I go extra miles to make my clients happy but I won't promise what I know I can't deliver.

What keeps you going on in the event industry?

Smiles... My passion for the job and the complement after each event are they things that keep me going, It takes a whole lot to achieve an event; we make use of electrician, carpenter, welders, tailor to make a total event.

What keeps you going while working?

Smiles... we gist, laugh and make ourselves happy and also listening to music too.

How many years have you been in the event industry?

Nine years, and still counting.

How do you handle a difficult customer?

Difficult customers are difficult, and the best thing is to collect the complete money charged for the event decoration. They are always looking for reason(s)not to balance especially if they don't balance before the event.

Tell us about your life as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, I don't often expect profit always because there are times one can run at a loss, however, proper planning is essential. As an entrepreneur, one can acquire more skills, but you have to keep learning every day.

Any memorable day or experience you would like to share with us?

Yes! My memorable day was in 2014. I had a client from abroad who shared a picture of what she wanted. It's an art work, I gave it to an artisan to construct, he didn't deliver as at when due, however, when he eventually delivered a day to the event, he messed up the art which made me felt bad. The client called another decorator that morning but he couldn't do anything, we had to manage with the previous one.

How do you unwind?

I spend time with my family after a good rest. Also, I go for bird’s view and hangs out.

Your likes and dislikes?

I like being around loving people and I dislike dishonesty and laziness because a decorator can't be lazy.

What is your view about multiple streams of income?

Multiple streams of income is a good idea. Nobody expected what happened in 2020 could happen. I mean the COVID-19 lockdown. Multiple streams of income mean more money.

Any view on mentorship?

It's good to always have a mentor, someone you look up to.

What is your clients’ base before COVID-19 and after the pandemic?

There was time to advertise and post during the pandemic. So, after the pandemic the clients’ base increased.

How do you retain your clients?

By being friendly with them, keeping them on my status, greeting them during anniversaries and more.

What does it require to be an Event Decorator as a starter?

First and foremost is training, this is necessary because many don't get trained. Then, you require capital to get your props (decorating materials) after training.

One of the event decorations by Twinkle Events

What is your advice to upcoming events decorators?

The event industry is highly competitive; therefore, you need to bring your "A" game on, to be relevant. That is, you have to bring out your best in every event.


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I've seen some of works and I must confess that they are superb, keep up with the good Job.

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She best in the game.. The sky is your limit

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Wow! Your works are amazingly beautiful, Keep it up.

Yhem said...

Ever thought of an Event Decorator that gives the best of memories and makes your event stunning? Twinkle events is that decorator you always want in your corner. The BEST in the game!