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Sunday, June 06, 2021

Aregbesola: When an idiot calls others 'Foolish' - ITREALMS

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It is amazing how people of low Intelligence who found themselves in the corridors of power think they are better than others.
Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola is one of those people.

Here is a man, whose Chief of Staff in Gboyega Oyetola succeeded him as Executive Governor of Osun State and within months, cancelled, changed and upturned almost all the policies he enunciated and propagated for eight solid years!
For starters, only an idiot would come up with the idea of one single school uniform for all the schools in an entire state.

Only an idiot would keep building roads while his people are dropping dead as a result of widespread hunger that he inflicted by his idiotic policies.

Roads are constructed for the living to use. Roads are never constructed for the use of the dead or the ghosts. So, it is only reasonable that the lives of the people are preserved for them to be able to take advantage of the constructed roads. But an idiot like Aregbesola did not possess that basic Intelligence!

Only an idiot would appoint Commissioners and would never allow them to contribute ideas to governance in cabinet meetings.

Only an idiot would refuse to sort out his differences with a fellow governor of the same political party while a jointly own tertiary institutions was closed and the future of those children was being ruined.

Only an idiot, a political and ideological neophyte would claim to be an Awoist an allow such a travesty to persist.

Only an idiot would maintain a retinue of "State Boys," pay them to intimidate political opponents while the Civil Servants and pensioners are dying of hunger because of non-payment of their salaries.

Only an idiot would change the names of Schools and destroy legacies that have subsisted even before he was born despite the wishes of owner-communities who believed that improvement on infrastructures could be made without destroying the legacies.

Only an idiot would come up with an education policy that engendered downward trend of quality and increased failures and still gallivant around shamelessly with a vacuous pride.

Only an idiot would believe that because he was a governor as a result of an accident of politics, he was wiser than everyone in the State.

Only an idiot would think that to fight for Self-Determination is a "foolish" act.

Only an idiot like Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola would think it is "foolish" to fight against subjugation and denigration in one's ancestral lands.

It is a case of an idiot calling others "foolish."

*Contributed by Remi Oyeyemi.

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