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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Geospatial data: African Policy makers must pay attention to core values says Olufuye – ITREALMS

The chief executive officer of Kontemporary Konsulting and founder, Africa ICT Alliance (AfICTA), Dr Jimson Olufuye, has called on African policy makers to pay attention to core values to engender critical development for the continent, reports ITREALMS.

Speaking at the just concluded Africa Geospartial Data and Internet Conference in Accra, Ghana on Internet Governance for all round Development (IG4D), Olufuye said that shaping the Africa’s digital future requires that policy makers should pay serious attention to some core values such that geospatial among other developmental data to pave ways for open and transparency society.

This, he also said would obviously make access for innovation and creativity to thrive for the continuous growth and development of African economies.

“And for more jobs to be created for our large youth population,” he said.

By paying attention to policy making, Olufuye, who is one of the five global business representatives to the United Nations Commission for Science and Technology for Development Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation (WGEC 1.0 & 2.0) pointed out that it will propel the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals on the continent of Africa and bridge the digital divide.

On what is the nexus of geospatial data, the Internet Governance and the SDGs, Olufuye emphasized that geospatial data has everything to do with cadastral information of a country.

“It is a major national resource data which has the potential if well managed to be the fulcrum of prosperity of any nation,” he said.

Olufuye, who equally is the 
immediate past chair AfICTA, said that with available Internet tools, this resource could be better managed in an open, transparent and accountable manner for the benefit of the people.

“So, the nexus of geospatial data and Internet Governance is the values that drive them to enable benefits for all,” he said, stressing that these values include openness, transparency, inclusivity, collaboration, effectiveness, sustainability, responsiveness, peace, trust to name a few.

With the holistic use of geospatial data engendered by Internet Governance principles, he said, it would be possible that citizens could derive better values for their land thereby boosting their purchasing power with the attendant eradication of poverty, hunger, ill-health, illiteracy, gender inequality, and clean water and sanitation would be available.

“Goal 15: Life on Land and goal 17: Stronger stakeholder Partnership are benefits that would also result in proactive geospatial data governance,” he submitted.

Chuks Egbuna/Editor

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