Thursday, September 05, 2019

Now PMB acted accordingly, can Nigerians stop Xenophotic attacks on Nigerians? - ITREALMS

Gentlemen, our own President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) did very well and swiftly in condemning the senseless violence against Nigerians and other foreign nationals resident in South Africa.

PMB government rose in defense of Nigeria and all actions taken so far by the Buhari administration including issuing of travel alert, boycotting World Economic Forum in Cape Town, recalling our ambassador to South Africa etc are highly commendable. These and more are expectations of Nigerians from our government and leadership across board.

Sadly, some of our private business men and women attended the World Economic Forum in Cape Town despite our government position. That's not morally right.

Back home in Lagos in 2015, Oba Akiolu of Lagos threaten to push some people into lagoon if they fail to vote for Ambode. This is xenophobic attack on Nigerians in Nigeria by Nigerians.

Some northern youths gave quit notice on several occasions to fellow Nigerians. This is local xenophobia.

Some rampaging fulani herdsmen are terrorizing every part of Nigeria day in day out. These and many more have made the life of Nigeria worthless before the international community.

While South African president, Cyril Ramophosa and government have condemned the attacks on foreigners and have even arrested 80 persons or entities suspected to have taken part in the xenophobic nonsense, President Ramophosa-led South Africa govt must do more to protect legal residents in South Africa.

Above that our own governments from local, State and federal must do all that matters to make Nigeria work again and conducive for those resident here and those intending to come back home.

Our infrastructural decays must be addressed, security guaranteed and economic changes seen to make Nigeria an investment destination.

Then can the world take us more serious with high regards.

All forms of tribalism, nepotism, religious exploitation, making religion state laws and all such are local xenophobia.

While we commend PMB for acting fast on this current situation, we appeal to Nigeria to stop attacking South Africa companies in Nigeria as the ultimate victims remain our citizens that earn their livelihoods therein.

And again let's stop local xenophobia on Nigerians by we Nigerians in Nigeria.

*Contributed by Chukwudi Nwankwor writing through

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Unknown said...

Nigerian government have to promise to give us jobs, if we leave SouthAfrica back to Nigeria, home is the best and sweet but there's no job for us.