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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Gov. Ugwuanyi receives Helpshere Foundation founder, endorses ‘Values For Daily Living’ - ITREALMS

The cases of armed conflicts, killings, wanton destruction of lives and properties, kidnappings, lootings, pipeline destructions among other vices in the present day Nigeria can be tackled by laying solid moral foundation for the children, reports ITREALMS.

The Executive Governor of Enugu State, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Gburugburu), stated this when he played host to Mrs. Sandra Ani, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Helpsphere Foundation; a child and youth empowerment Organization.

Gov. Ugwuanyi stressed that problem facing the nation is how youth restiveness can be curbed; adding that his administration is determined to curb the excesses through youth empowerment.

This trend of events, he said demands for urgent and timely intervention citing guidance and counselling and moral instructions in schools as compelling necessity for the Nigerian youths.

The Enugu State Governor said, “Youth restiveness stems from thinking (cognition), the use of cognitive behaviour restructuring is eminent.

“Undoubtedly, parents are expected to possess fundamental skills to teach their children distinguishing right from wrong, thereby fostering proper moral values, and guaranteeing fairness and justice.

“Moreover, because children always learn from what their parents do, whether it is good or not, I am definitely convinced that the more positive examples parents impart, the fewer crimes our youths commit. For instance, the polite children who can yield their seats and join the queue are attributed to the upbringing of civilized parents. It does not cause a young man anything to assist an old woman returning from the market with heavy load on her head.

“However, the circles of society is a critical factor to affecting behaviours of young people. The young often reckon that friendship is important to them, and sometimes even ambitious brotherhood is reduced to criminality due to unconditionally supporting their friends. I believe that this book is critical in redirecting the cause of our young people to emulating such Values for Daily Living.

“This administration is very much committed to partnering with this organization to tackle bad influence among the youths thereby eliminating crime in our society. Yes, bad company is the main culprit of juvenile delinquency over parenting. Young people sometimes go astray because of so-called friendship. However, while I don't deny the importance of friendship, we should recognize that to watch the friends we keep is more significant.

“Nevertheless, I have seen the future in our youths. They possess such skills that when fully harnessed they will contribute much more to the development of our dear State in the areas of tourism, entertainment, technology, agriculture, transportation, security, health, housing, commerce and other sectors”.

Governor Ugwuanyi, therefore reiterated the administration’s resolve to create more avenues and opportunities for the young people to re-discover themselves; become more useful to themselves, their families and the society at large.

Thanking the Governor for his youth-focused programmes, especially as they impact rural dwellers, Helpsphere Foundation founder, Mrs. Sandra Ani, said that the administration has demonstrated understanding on best ways to empower and engage the youths.

“Your Excellency, we align with your firm believe that ‘Enugu State is in the Hand of God’. Yes, this is because we have seen the hand of God in most of the things you have been able to achieve. At the time, this country’s economy receded to recession, this State was up and running; fulfilling mandates. Thanks, Your Excellency.

“So, I penned down this book: ‘Values for Daily Living’ as a manual to help parents, schools and the society at large to constantly remind the youths that we have norms, culture, and values we cherish and no civilisation will wash them away. Thank you for endorsing the book.

“We are committed to joining hands with your administration to win back our society totally by winning back the youths. So, as a youth-loving Governor we crave your support in our quest to reach every nooks and crannies of Enugu State with that singular message: values for daily living.”

Mrs. Ani added that the cause of the NGO’s activities they have come to realise that youth restiveness is mostly caused by illiteracy, unequal distribution of national resources, poor child upbringing among others.

“The effects include upsurge of social vices and destruction of lives and properties while the result also revealed that it can be curbed through skill acquisition programmes and enlightenment against the phenomenon”, she concluded.

Uj. N. Dominic/Editor

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