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Sunday, August 25, 2019

PMB: False morality and societal loss of value system - ITREALMS

Saturday 24-08-2019, between 4:30pm to 4:45pm on AIT, I watched a documentary on the academic qualifications and false claims of President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB), the summary I present below. 

1. PMB claimed he went to middle school at Daura between 1948-1952. Records showed there was no such middle school in the whole of northern Nigeria or even Katsina until 1956. Middle school then offered only primary school certificate. 

2. Buhari claimed he had his WAEC in 1956. Both WAEC and it's offices have denied having such records. PMB only got military commissioning under the recommendation of his school principal.

3. PMB claimed he had masters in security studies in 1980 from USA war college. But USA war college started master degree programs in the year 2000(19 years ago). The war college hitherto offered diploma courses. 

4. PMB claimed the military board has his original certificates. But the then military spokes person General olajide in 2015 denied same and opined that military board did not and does not keep in safe custody any military personnel certificates. Gen. Olajide further said that it was discovered that due process were not adhered to in military commissioning of the former head of state. Rtd Gen. Paul Tarfa a class mate of PMB and APC witness in presidential election tribunals affirmed the army spokesperson position that military board does not keep officers certificate for any reason. 

5. INEC chairman knows these very well and deliberately closed its eyes.

That's my summary of the documentary. There could be more. 

Now, there's an inherent moral decadence in Nigeria society and it has its tolls on Nigerians that legitimately pursue their daily bread. 

There's the current list of 77 high profile internet fraud accused defendants of Nigeria descents from USA federal bureau of investigation FBI.

There's a current case of high profile kidnap kingpin suspect, Alhaji Wadume in which 3 senior police officers lost there lives and military been accused of collusion.

There's a current wide spread of kidnapping and killings by suspected fulani herdsmen across Nigeria with accusations that PMB does nothing about it.

Additionally, is the issue of nepotism and jettisoning of federal character in most govt businesses by PMB govt.
Of equal note is the current controversial #5billion of #50m to each senator to buy imported official cars including for returning senators.

The unannounced closure of seme border causing untold hardship to innocent people is one not to forget in a hurry. The lists are endless. 

Chinua Achebe said that when the stream get polluted from the source, then the outlets and the one in the bucket will be no better. 

If the head is sick, be rest assured that the component parts will be sick as well. 

False morality from the top will be replicated down the Ladder. 

The issue of moral decadence and faked integrity predates Nigeria of today. 

However some questions remain unanswered, did PMB really enter the military with the prerequisites qualifications in 1956?

If there were doubts and serious doubts about Buhari certificates within and outside Nigeria since 1960, how was Buhari able to navigate the system to serve as military governor, minister, head of state and now president already on 8th years journey?

Was there collusion or deliberate attempt to beat the system and to whose advantages?

If our PMB could hold such enviable positions since 1960 with doubtful qualifications, would it be right to condemn Wadume, internet fraud accused persons or such false morality carriers in our society? 

The mess has been there and the purging must start from the top. 

Wrong is not right and false morality is wrong.

PMB was adjudged a poor man that has no house anywhere except the mud house he inherited from his grand parents at daura. But during the recent Sallah holiday, many governors and president of other countries were passing the nights at Buhari house in Daura Katsina State. I guess they were sleeping in the mud house. 

PMB as at 2014 claimed he had no money for APC tickets but his children were graduating from expensive universities in England. Yet no one ask the source of the funding.
Gentlemen, Nigeria moral decadence must be purged otherwise it will consume us all. 

The first step is restitution from the top and Return Of all that were acquired with doubtful credentials and appropriate sanctions. There and then can It serve as a deterrent and appropriate sanctions given to operators. 

Until then PMB false morality and clueless governance style remains a push to increase in moral decadence as the downtrodden keep looking for anyway out of hardship and poverty. 

*Contributed by Nwankwor Chukwudi writing through Chukwudinwankwor@gmail.com

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