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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Okorocha changes gear, says it’s now Ministry of Happiness & Purpose

Following rain of criticism on the Imo State government, over the creation of Ministry of Happiness and Couple Fulfillment, the Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, has changed gear by renaming the ministry to ‘Happiness and Purpose’ reports ITRealms.

A press statement from his chief press secretary, Sam Onwuemeodo said in a press statement made available to ITRealms, attributed the initial naming of the ministry to ‘Happiness and Couple Fulfillment’ to typographic error.

According to him, the real name of the new ministry is ‘Happiness and Purpose Fulfillment.’

“… There was a typographic error in the first statement issued on the swearing-in of the new commissioners. The word “Couple” was inadvertently written, instead of the word “Purpose”. We regret that,” he pleaded.

He went on in effort to justify the Ministry, saying, that real essence of life is to be happy and to fulfill one’s purpose in life, hence government officials are elected to address this.

“This is the very reason people elect their leaders to guarantee their happiness and purpose fulfillment. A great leader therefore, is one who provides happiness to the people,” he said.

Onwuemeodo also decried as unfortunate, that this vital element of “our social lives has not been properly addressed. Governments at different levels have created several ministries and departments to achieve this, yet people are bitter, angry with hate speeches which lead to crisis, war and even terrorism.”

He insisted that “To be happy and achieve purpose mean different things to different people. Generally,
1.    People are happy when they see their children going to good schools
2.    People are happy when they are in a secured environment and can work freely in their areas of residence.
3.    People are happy where they can relax and admire a beautiful environment.
4.    People are happy when they know they can access good and quality health care facilities.
5.    The Youth are happy, when they can get good jobs, marry, have children and train them.
There is no activity of mankind that is not geared towards providing happiness.

He explained that in today’s world, especially in our country, millions of people are not fulfilling their purpose in life because of lack of mentorship and guidance. There is complete talent abuse as people no longer engage in life activities suitable to their talents.

Sometimes in university environments, students are meant to study courses they ordinarily would like to do.

This has given rise to why we have people who are favoured, do work against their natural will just to survive.

Happiness and Purpose Ministry therefore, is established for the lost time to correct the Policy framework to guide Ministries and Department son what they must do to guarantee the citizens happiness and contribute better to the society.

Governor Rochas Okorocha in one of his public speeches stated “My Social Contract with the people is to make them happy. Political power to me therefore is a trust which can only be justified when used to make my people happy”.

This is why in the past 6 years as Governor of Imo state he introduced several programmes aimed at making the people happy such as; Free Education, Urban Renewal, Back to Land, Health at your Door Step, Youth Millionaire Program, Youth Request Work program, Secure the State Program, Community Government council, etc.

The choice of Mrs Ogechi Ololo; a Masters Degree Holder in Computer Science, USA who has been the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor on Domestic Matters and Food Security can be described as a round peg in a round hole. Before her appointment as the supervisory commissioner, She was charged with the responsibility of Liaising with the Federal Government on N-Power Project, CBN Anchor project& BOI, Empowerment Projects.

Governor Rochas Okorocha has also created other Similar Ministries such as the Ministry of Non Formal sector and Market development to address issues of the poor state of Imo Markets where Millions of Imolites converge everyday for their daily existence and to organize the non-formal sector to make them more productive.

The Ministry of education now has 3 Ministries; Primary and secondary, Tertiary & non-Formal Education, ICT, Science and Technology.

It’s our belief that these Ministries, when fully functional will provide Happiness to our people.

Uboshe Uboshe/GEE

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