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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

TOE's Observatory: Don't dare me!

Come to think of it, this year's edition of the London wing of 'ReturnOrResign' brothers are much better than the 2015 Chattam House ffk recruits. These ones know the purpose of their protest except that the fellow who agreed to an interview, apparently jobless and uninformed, insisted that Yar'Adua handed over to  Goodluck Jonathan those days.  

The Chattam House recruits didn't even know what their protest was all about beyond the protest being against 'the evil that was going on in Nigeria' then. Besides, one knew Buhari as name of the person she didn't want, but she didn't remember the name of who she wanted.

That's an improvement of a sort, if you ask me.


I got talking with one senior police officer. One of the finest, I bet you.

"Honestly you guys too have improved quite considerably in recent time. You would have earned my full acolade if your men didn't loose their patience after only a few days into those 'ReturnOrResign' comedians' sit-out. 
"You see, police work......"
"What is police work that is not brain work?"
"Point is......"
"What point? You would have just ignored them for so long as they chose to sit there. Patapata they would just be singing things like 'yo-ho-ho-and-a-bottle-of-rum'..."
"They were ...."
"They were what? These were only 12, 15 area persons who were harmless, exercising their rights to protest  ...."
"You see....."
"See what?"
"When they got fed up they would head for Kuje Prison to recruit more of folks instead of Wuse Market where they met their waterloo."
He slipped into laughter. 
"And who knows?, an offence would then have been committed."
"And then .... POLICE WORK... "

“Ignore the empty threats. Go about your lawful business and sleep with both eyes closed. I will keep watch over you with my two eyes open. I will let anyone who dares us know I am from Aguleri.” - Governor Willie Obiano  of Anambra State in an IF YOU DARE ME story reassuring Anambrarians that Nov 2017 election will go on as planned. 

You see, the thing has now become 'gambari pa fulani' matter. An ordinary rascal elevated to an important miscreant that a Governor who has been doing his work jeje now has to be keeping vigil over his people. That is what PMB's goons brought as CHANGE.

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