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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Nigerians in US flights to enjoy free WiFi, says Turkish Airlines

The Turkish Airlines is offering a new telecommunications service that allows Nigerians and other passengers on United States-bound flights, reports ITRealms.

The airline, also said this allowance has become necessary in order to further ensure a pleasant travel to the United States on Turkish Airlines, which is Europe’s Best Airline for six consecutive years, according to recent Skytrax results.

A press statement from the airline available to ITRealms, says it extends Business Class free on-board internet services to economy passengers in exchange for their tablets or laptops while boarding their flights to the United States.

“For passengers that prefer not to stow their electronic devices in checked-in baggage during the flight, Turkish Airlines offers a special service that gives travellers to the United States and United Kingdom a safe and secure method of carrying their electronics in a special area in the cargo hold of the airplane. The devices may be used at the gate until boarding,” the airline said in a statement.

According to the statement, by continuously aiming to increase the passenger satisfaction, Turkish Airlines additionally offers high quality headphones to economy class passengers on long-haul flights.

“This new service will be effective immediately in all US flights, and for all other long-haul flights of Turkish Airlines as from May 2017. The passengers will feel more comfortable with this high quality headset, specially designed for long flight hours,” it said.

Turkish Airlines said it continuously improves its in-flight entertainment system – amongst other services – in order to make its passengers feel special throughout the entire flight.

“The comfortable headphones with much higher sound quality will allow the passengers to uninterruptedly enjoy our award-winning inflight entertainment system, Planet, that delivers thousands of hours of music and film experience,” it added.

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