Monday, January 30, 2017

Econet’s KweseTv takes off with pay-as-you-watch in Ghana, Rwanda, Zambia

The operators of Kwese Tv networks in Ghana, Rwanda and Zambia, Econet, has launched a ‘pay-as-you-watch’ service that enables viewers to purchase three or seven day passes to its full programming bouquet, reports ITRealms.

Confirming this to ITRealms, the Econet Media President and Group Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Hundah, said the launch would put a stop for people never have to miss out on trending sports or entertainment programming.

In an official statement also made available to ITRealms, Mr. Hunday said the latest Africa’s satellite network is here to stay, beaming Kwesé’s full suite of superior entertainment and sports programming to households in Ghana, Rwanda and Zambia, which make up the initial phase of the Kwesé TV rollout across Africa.

According to him, other countries will be announced in due course, while viewers in these countries could now access Kwesé TV via Kwesé’s own satellite and set-top-box (decoder) available at leading retailers.

He explained that Kwesé TV has launched with a full-suite of top-shelf content which is unprecedented for a new broadcaster, with impressive portfolio of sports assets on its premium sports channels Kwesé Free Sports, Kwesé Sports 1 and Kwesé Sports 2, Kwesé TV introduced some fantastic entertainment programming to the mix including some exclusive, first-to-market content as well as original programming.

In addition to great content and its multi-platform, he said  the multi-screen broadcasting model, Kwesé’s key differentiator is its innovative payment options that offer flexibility and convenience.

“Kwesé offers a ‘pay-as-you-watch’ service that enables viewers to purchase three or seven day passes to its full programming bouquet so they never have to miss out on trending sports or entertainment programming,” he said.

These payment options, Hundah said, turns the traditional pay TV model on its head, provides unparalleled access to premium programming at an affordable price. The monthly subscription option, which gives subscribers access to the full suite of Kwesé TV programming, is available at an astonishing $25 (USD) per month excluding VAT.

“We are a dynamic, young company built to respond to the way audiences want to access and consume content, whether you subscribe for the full Kwese TV bouquet, watch amazing sports programming free-to-air or choose to watch TV on the move, we aim to be the first choice for viewers all over Africa by bringing them the best in programming, at an affordable price making it accessible to more people than ever before,” Hundah said.

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