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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Google worried over safe browsing

Google has expressed worries over safe browsing across the web as the world marked the 26th anniversary of introduction of safe browsing technology, reports ITRealms.

Safe Browsing, experts told ITRealms, gives users, both on Google and across on the web; the information they need to steer clear of danger.

ITRealms reports that the dangerous sites detected by Safe Browsing generally fall into two categories, namely the sites that attack users intentionally with either malware, phishing, or unwanted software that is deceptive or hard to uninstall, or sites that attack users unintentionally because they have been compromised, often without the site’s owner realizing this has happened.
Google officials told ITRealms that once they detect these sites, Safe Browsing warns people about them in a variety of ways.

“You’ve probably come across a warning in Chrome, Firefox or Safari; it’s powered by Safe Browsing,” Google hinted.

As at the time of filing this report, ITRealms gathered that Safe Browsing shows people more than 5 million warnings per day for all sorts of malicious sites and unwanted software, and discovers more than 50,000 malware sites and more than 90,000 phishing sites every month.
“If you’re interested, you can see information about the dangerous sites that are detected by this technology anytime in our Safe Browsing Transparency Report,” Google official said.

We also use Safe Browsing technology to warn website owners or operators about issues with their sites so they can quickly fix them. We provide basic site maintenance tips, as well as specific Safe Browsing notifications in Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Often site owners don’t realize there are issues with their sites until they get these notifications.

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