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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Today is International Internet Day 2014, DigitalSENSE commends initiative

The International Internet Day is celebrated worldwide, every year on 29th of October and today is not an exception, reports ITRealms.

Since the year 2005, ITRealms gathered that the International Internet Day has been famously celebrated to commemorate a momentous day in the history of telecommunications and technology.

ITRealms also said this was the event of the sending of the first message, first electronic message which was transferred from one computer to another in 1969. 

Today, ITRealms further said Nigeria part of the International Internet Day which is also an on-line project germinating from the society, of the society and for the society. 

Reacting to this,the Executive Director, DigitalSENSE Africa and the organizers of the annual Nigeria DigitalSENSE Forum (NDSF) on Internet Governance for Development (IG4D), Ames Nkemdilim Nweke, commended this initiative and called for more positive use of the internet.

Equally, industry expert observation gathered by ITRealms that  International Internet Day project is open to everyone and anyone just as access to the internet is open and free for everyone. 

Therefore, the International Internet Day celebrates this grand democratic fervor which in essential is linked to this idea of liberation, where everyone is afforded an equal opportunity and an equal advantage to share of services, which connect the world to each other.

Gleaning back at the history of the event would inform us that the journey to this era of easy communication was not exactly as simple as surfing up information on Google. 

For starters it the present scenario has been preceded by years of attempts including failed attempts to render digital data visible to everyone, instead of using teleprinters and other devices. 

At the time when history was being made, Internet was known as ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). This was the year of 1969 when Charley Kline, a student programmer at the UCLA transmitted the first ever message on 29th of October in 1969. 

This event was to follow only few months after the first man landed on the moon. Great things were happening in the world, and this was one of it. Charley Kline, working under the supervision of Professor Leonard Kleinrock, transmitted a message from the computer housed at the UCLA to a computer positioned at the Stanford Research Institute's computer. 

The two computers, one at the UCLA was the SDS Sigma 7 Host computer and the receiver was the SDS 940 Host at the Stanford Research Institute. Interestingly enough the message was a text message comprising the word 'login'. 

But as it would transpire only the letter L and O could be transmitted across, because following the initial transmission the system collapsed and the transmission crashed.

The Internet is a worldwide, publicly accessible series of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching, using standard IP (Internet Protocol). Now Internet has become one of the most important part of our life. Most of us cannot think of spending one day without internet. Internet has made our lives much easy.

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