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Monday, May 24, 2010

eWorld partners AIT,KHM on healthy-tech workshop

Industry-based entity, eWorld is partnering the African Independent Television (AIT) InfoTech Network, and KnowHow Media on a one-day workshop on “ICT and the Nigerian Environment 2010: Appropriate Taxation and Promotion of Healthy Environmentally Friendly Technologies.”

A joint press statement from the organized and endorsed by the Chief executive of eWorld, Mr. Aaron Ukodie and his counterpart at AIT Infotech Network, Bayero Agabi, noted that the trio organizations would be rallying stakeholders who have various roles to play in ensuring that the Nigerian environment is free from pollution from Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) tools and infrastructure to a meeting that would shape developments and policies in various areas.

Precisely, Mr. Ukodie said that the collaboration is in pursuit of greener and healthier environment which is a topical issue in the global arena and no effort is too much to ensure the right awareness is created and effective and efficient policies are articulated to achieve the objective.

He also said that the conference, slated for July 30 at Sheraton Lagos, would focus on how to promote the deployment, usage and management of environmentally friendly technologies and appropriate taxation in the sector.

According to him, the underlining call for the conference is that ICT applications, power and transportation are some of three main areas which contribute to the bulk of environmental emissions.

He cited an instance with the fact that in Nigeria, the growth of ICT and its infrastructure are beginning to pose a challenge to the environment as it relates to safety, health and economic growth.

“This is evident in the indiscriminate deployment of telecoms masts and antennas - local and foreign manufactured and assembled,” he said, stressing that this is coupled with the arbitrary disposal of non-environmentally friendly computers, and other ICT applications.

Pointing out that Nigeria, over the years has reportedly become a dumping ground for these various ICT tools and products and government’s efforts to control these activities so as to ensure a cleaner and healthier environment as well as largely uncoordinated aspect.

Equally, Mr. Agabi was quoted as saying that in the global arena, various agencies and governments are taking concerted efforts aimed at nipping the situation in the bud and ensuring that structures and policies are put in place to address the issues of greener and friendlier environment, hence this workshop is appropriate.

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