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Thursday, October 27, 2005

‘No nation succeeds without indigenous software’

Chairman, Trade and Events committee at the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), Mr. Chris Uwaje, has highlighted the critical nature of software to national prosperity and security, saying, no nation can succeed in the new economic order without indigenous software.

He stated in Lagos that from a modest beginning over 50 years ago, computer software has become a critical element of modern society with global reach and impact on virtually every aspect of human endeavour.

“Software is a key enabling technology in business, industry, government, defense and permeates products and services of all kinds,” he declared.

Mr. Uwaje, who was reacting to the recent United Nations’ study on ‘Software’s Critical Role Raises National Issues’ in a piece titled ‘The State of Software Delivery in Governance’ said, indeed, “Software is critical to national prosperity and security”.

He also said that new emerging facts now validate what stakeholders have known and propagated for several years and maintained that in this 21st century, “No nation can succeed in the new economy without the incubation, development and mastery of its indigenous software knowledge-based.”

Stressing that the UN study has shown there is need for accelerated involvement of government of most nations in the World Summit on the Information (WSIS) programme agenda.

He pointed out that nation’s dependence on software raises national issues and challenges that require coherent attention.

Some of these issues, he said, would center on the understanding the value that software adds to nation’s economy; ensuring national competitiveness in the global software market place; meeting public needs for trustworthiness in critical software systems and ensuring necessary degree of security and privacy in information systems among others.

Mr. Uwaje also noted the need to have software industry and academic collaboration to improve the state of technology transition between these groups.

He insisted that software is the roadmap to Nigeria’s social and economic future, political stability and prosperity.

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Dear Remmy,
Thank you. And for those who don't know, in IT-REALMS - "there is a light in the tunnel of Nigerian knowledge-Gap. The wise will search for this link and drink from its wealth of exclusive knowledge in the Information technology Domain."
Chris, uwajenet@yahoo.de
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