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Thursday, August 25, 2005

St. Moritz dangles Nokia, LG stylish products

IN keeping with its stylish form, the St. Moritz promo, win-in-style, is dangling of Nokia and Log’s stylish telecommunication and home entertainment projects as prizes for this year’s edition.

The promotion, according to the organizers, British American Tobacco (BATNL) is consumer oriented, thus it aims to further reward loyalty to the St. Moritz brand.

BATNL explained the choice of Nokia and LG products as prizes, saying it is to further strengthen St. Mortiz ownership of the style platform, “because it is a general consensus among consumers that Nokia and LG have various ranges of products that are stylish, sophisticated and are manufactured to the highest international standard,” a press statement from the organizers read.

At the 10 regional draws, spread across the six geo-political zones of the country, 30 stylish Nokia 6260 mobile phones, 10 LG’s 29” Plasma screen television sets and 20 LG’s Digital Video Display (DVD) with five-speaker systems would be up for grab.

In the national grand draw expected to take place in Port Harcourt three LG’s 29” Plasma screen TV sets and home theatre systems would also be won respectively.

The organizers further said that Nokia mobile phone is ahead beyond the ruggedness and various functions that is the general trademark of brands.

Therefore, Nokia 6260 was chosen as the regional prizes by the St. Moritz ‘Win-in-Style’ promo as one of the most stylish Nokia handset in the market.

With its flip that rotates 3600 and other attributes such as the still and video cameras to record memorable events, Media Player (MP-3) which could record equally long hour music for the listening pleasures of the user, making the handset a delight.


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