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Monday, June 10, 2024

Rack Centre, AWS collaborate to enhance connectivity in Africa - ITREALMS

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Rack Centre, West Africa’s leading carrier and cloud neutral data centre has collaborated with AWS to enhance connectivity in Africa. The webinar themed "AWS Direct Connect- Extend Your On-Premise Networks into AWS" was held on May 28, 2023.
Rack Centre, AWS collaborate to enhance connectivity in Africa - ITREALMS
The session, which dwelled on the significant implications of enhancing connectivity solutions in Africa, brought together industry experts. During the session, they discussed the critical role of AWS Direct Connect in addressing connectivity challenges and opportunities for businesses in Nigeria and Zambia.

The webinar also examined various aspects of AWS Direct Connect, highlighting its capacity to offer robust traffic management and scalability solutions. AWS Direct Connect ensures businesses can dynamically adjust their bandwidth allocation in real-time, thus preventing over-subscription and ensuring optimal performance. The platform's design also incorporates best routing and security practices, making it a trusted solution for global finance and consulting industries.

Local and global connectivity was another focal point, with AWS providing direct connections from local data centres to its expansive global network. This reduces reliance on public internet connections and ensures high performance and low latency, essential for efficient data exchange in business operations. The role of local service providers in facilitating AWS connections was emphasised, ensuring smooth integration with existing infrastructure.

Speaking during the webinar, the Solutions Architect at AWS, Ashraf Altalleh, elaborated on the technical benefits of AWS Direct Connect. Maintaining that it is crucial for enterprises looking to optimise their operations and expand their capabilities in the digital age, he said "AWS Direct Connect provides a dedicated, high-performance connection that ensures businesses can operate with minimal latency and maximum reliability.”

Head of Interconnection and Peering, AF-CIX, Obinna Adumike, during his presentation, emphasised the intermediary role of AF-CIX between AWS and businesses, highlighting the availability of hosted Direct Connect Services through AF-CIX.

"AF-CIX acts as a crucial bridge, offering businesses cost-effective, reliable cloud interconnect solutions. We aim to enhance cloud interconnection, peering and functional traffic localisation, supporting digital transformation across Africa," Adumike said.

The webinar also featured an interactive Q&A session, which addressed various concerns, such as resiliency solutions, equipment requirements, and AWS gateways in Nigeria. Participants were encouraged to engage with AWS representatives for personalised consultations, emphasising AWS's commitment to supporting businesses in navigating regulatory landscapes and meeting compliance requirements.

The collaboration between Rack Centre and AWS underscores a shared commitment to improving connectivity infrastructure in Africa. As a carrier and cloud-neutral data centre, Rack Centre continues to lead the way in providing comprehensive connectivity solutions that drive digital ecosystem and growth across the continent.

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