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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Adedamola Johnson of Cakeroyale says business blossoms when family, friends pay for services - ITREALMS

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The chief chef at Cakeroyale Confectionery, Lagos, Adedamola Johnson in this chat with ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO, says business blossoms when family and friends supports your business and pay for services.
chief chef at Cakeroyale Confectionery, Lagos, Adedamola Johnson @ITREALMS

What does Cakeroyale confectionery deals on?
We are into cakes, pastries, desserts and training.

What prompted you into the cake industry?
When I was still in a paid employment, close to the end of the month there's processing and while doing that, there's no access to the system so during that period: I was just surfing the internet while I came across a cake site, the cakes I saw "wow" me and the interest came.
I started trying out some recipes I saw online before I later registered for an online baking class to give me an  edge as a professional baker.

So, you are a self-trained baker?
Not really! I registered for online classes and later when I was on leave went for an on-site cake baking class likewise advanced cake decorations at Bakers World, Alllen Avenue, Ikeja.

How has it been afterwards for training and retraining as a professional baker?
God has been faithful so far although  it has not been a smooth journey.

How do you cope with the present rise in baking ingredients?
Actually, buying in bulk has helped a bit, and majority of my customers are aware of how expensive cost of ingredients are. However, God has been helping me in sustaining my numerous customers.

Your daily routine?
When I wake up, I pray: then I water my plants. Then, I start with the day’s order.

Why the love for plants?
I’m not a horticulturist, in fact I don’t like it but of recent, I have learnt the health benefits of planting your own foods

Can you share some?
Lemon grass, plantain, bitter leaves etc are beneficial to healthy life.

How many years have you been in the cake industry?
 17 years

With the recent changes in the economy, how has it been?
It was very smooth in the beginning, at least a bag of flour then was around #3,500 when we started, unlike now (#32,000). Also, all ingredients/tools are so affordable but now only God will help us, the increase now is over 💯

How would you describe the cake industry development compared to when you started?
Waoh ...the industry now is more exposed  in terms of internet, networking, social media usage unlike before.
So many use of marketing apps, there’s more of online classes unlike only on-site training programmes, many new developments evolving now for better cake world.

How do you handle family and friends orders?
The best I can do for family and friends is to give discounts. My children pay for their cakes and if they can pay for their cakes and orders, I don’t see why friends cannot pay for theirs.  My principle is business blossoms when family and friends supports your business.

How would you describe yourself from others perception?
I'm an encourager, a good teacher, approachable and never tired of answering questions or proffering solutions.

Your most memorable day in cake industry?
I think the day I was given an award of recognition from a group of bakers.

Your personal likes and dislikes?
I love people who are hardworking and passionate. However, I hate deceit and lies.

Any memorable day from a client's cake order or delivery?
Yes, I had this order from someone who so much believed in me.  Having baked the cake, I went to collect my second dose of Covid-19 vaccine. By the time I came back, I was weak feeling so much tired and feverish. I called some bakers close by in order to help with the cake designs but network misbehaved that day and I could not get across.
In essence, I was unable to do anything tangible on the cake which made my customer so angry, I felt ashamed, was just apologizing but the customer was so understanding although I lost the customer but we re still friends till date.

Cakes, pastries and desserts which attracts more sales patronage?
Cakes and pastries.

Is there any cake design peculiar for festive period?
Yes, just like Christmas, we all know the colour for Christmas is red and green, so we try to incorporate that into the Christmas cake designs.

What form of sales promotion and advertising do you use to gain more patronage?
Most of my jobs comes from referrals.

How do you build up your clients level?
I have made my customers from my family and friends, so I call, message and follow them up.
At times, I add some sorts of gifts to their packages when they make orders.

How do you keep up with the latest trends in cake designs?
By upgrading and acquiring more knowledge.

What is your views about the social media as an advertising techniques?
It's a very good tool, Facebook ads and Instagram ads are very good tools as it promotes business patronages.
a cake product of Cakeroyale Confectionary Lagos
What is your views about giving presentation/speech  for a wedding cake during reception?
Hhmmm....that’s old school; things are changing and we should move with the current trends as well.

Has any of your children developed an interest in cake making?
Not really, they don’t have the interest😂

Between family and baking how do you balance the two?
My children are grown ups, so it’s me and my husband. So, not much to do in the home front.

How do you handle back to back wedding orders (1 week) of cakes, pastries and dessert services?
I employ more hands and thank God we have freelance decorators now which makes it easier.

If given an opportunity to make a change in the cake industry what would it be?
I will scrape out the mushroom bakers. I will make sure there are regulatory authorities that will bring sanity to the cake industry.

Your advice to new comers in cake industry?
They should not cut corners, whatsoever is worth doing is worth doing well. Also, upgrade from time to time, there’s neither limit nor age restriction to learning. However, some don’t like learning forgetting that one dies the day he or she stops learning. Also, learn customer service ethics in business and customer retention in order to boost your sales. In addition, place God first in all you do.

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