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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Some facts and why National Technology Day – ITREALMS

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Historical path to National Technology Day:

Technology is the sum of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation, according to open sourced online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.
Historically, ITREALMS gathered that the National Technology Day was formally pronounced in 1999, when then-Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee of India, declared May 11 as a day of significant achievement for the country.
ITREALMS gathered has since then spurred some countries globally who felt their achievement is worth the celebration to do so on similar fashion or simply commemorate the concept.

ITREALMS reliably gathered that there was an informal celebration of National Technology Day on January 6 prior to this pronouncement and in 2016, a company called AXEL tend to populate this commemoration.

However, there is need to know some facts behind what we now know as technology and its evolution with relevant to Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs).

For instance, technological device, means any computer, cellular phone, smartphone, digital camera, video camera, audio recording device, or other electronic device that can be used for creating, storing, or transmitting information in the form of electronic data.

According to verifiable data as gathered by 
ITREALMS showed some facts worth noting including the following:

· Personal computers during the 1950s were often referred to as “Electronic Brains.”

· Every month, over 6,000+ new viruses are released on the Internet.

· When the Apple II was released, it had a 5-megabyte hard drive.

· Today’s 1-terabyte hard drives are 200,000 times larger than those early Apple II hard drives.

· The TRS-80 computer was a home-based computer that used the Motorola 6809E processor.

· Contrary to popular myth, the QWERTY keyboard wasn’t designed to slow typists down but to improve process of documentation.

· On April 8, 1971, the Internet was 6,548 days old.

· On May 11, 2021, the Internet was 11,748 days old.

· The original name of Windows 1.0 was Interface Manager.

· Approximately a third of Internet traffic is composed of malicious phishing programs, hacking programs, and spammers.

Noteworthy, according to ITREALMS finding is that there are some 10 technological advances changing the world currently.
  1. Electricity: Would any new advancements have been possible without the breakthrough of electricity? ...
  2. The laser. ...
  3. Semiconductor chips. ...
  4. Quantum computing. ...
  5. The elevator. ...
  6. The Human Genome Project. ...
  7. The automobile. ...
  8. The Global Positioning System.
  9. The smartphone
  10. The Big Data

Why observe National Technology Day?

Consequently, National Technology Day could be observed by thinking about technology. Not only on the impact it brought to the society, but also to personal life and developments.

Industry observers told 
ITREALMS that “It’s also a good day to celebrate technology and to spread positive words about it by using the hashtag #NationalTechnologyDay on social media.

ITREALMS notes that technical advancements have always proven to be exciting due to its never ever stand-alone, thereby paving the way to new inspirations and next innovation, and often launching a new era every decade; be it in medicine, communications or mobility to name a few.

 recalls that National Technology Day which is marked on May 11th annually since the Prime Minister pronouncement, is not just limited to scientists and engineers but equally for anyone associated with envisaging, innovating, and facilitating the dissemination of knowledge, information and taking the products or benefits to people at the grassroots level.

*Remmy Nweke/DoP with additional report from holidaycalendar.com 

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