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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Sex-for-marks menance in Nigeria's tertiary institutions - ITREALMS

The issue of sex-for-marks in tertiary institutions in Nigeria has refused to go away and has been ravaging the image of the institutions. The sex-for-marks episodes are part of a broader societal trend of Nigerian men abusing their authority by exploiting women.

This ugly menace is as old as the institutions, it does not only exist in tertiary institutions, but in other sectors in the country where there is an interface between male and female.

For those already caught in the act, call it a case of a dog caught with excreta in its mouth, not minding that other dogs eat excreta. In saying the truth, sex-for-marks rackets puts dark spots on the institutions in the country and takes off the shine of such institutions without the mention of excellence. I must also say here that some lazy students make sexual advances towards the lecturers, so as to enable them pass their courses and these randy lecturers pounce on them.

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If there exist a perfect understanding between the both, nobody gets to know, as it has two angles to it. This requires a holistic approach, so as to be solved.

There is need for moral rebirth in the society, the tertiary institutions inclusive. We need a Godfearing society for this act to be condemned thoroughly and punitive measures put in place to lock down those found in this ugly act. This act is not new, but more pronounced ever than before.

There are family and social vices at a high rate, so that of the tertiary institutions won't be an exception. Many ills permeates the society, we must do the right thing. Some lecturers have thrown the profession into the lagoon, at the admiration of sexual advances.

Sex-for-marks mentality is unethical, immoral and against the rules and regulations of any tertiary institution. I want to believe that each tertiary institution ought to have a gender equality commission union, so as to address these issues.

Tertiary institutions are no longer ivory of towers, but now an arena for sexual victimization. Lecturers fond of sex-for-marks attitude are morally debased. For me, they are not qualified to be called lecturers, as they are not worthy both in learning and character.

The ubiquity of sexual exploitation in tertiary institutions is a product of Nigeria's deeply patriarchal system where men control power structures and individual relationship.

I see sex-for-marks as a form of examination malpractice in tertiary institutions or another level of sorting that exist in tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Lecturers that people look up to, to help them in garnering knowledge in their academic studies, are now seen as men they can't take off their eyes off female skirts/pants. The idea of calling someone a lecturer should be viewed as a vehicle with many integral parts and must understand what it entails.

The time to really redefine what tertiary institutions stands for is now, things should be put in the proper perspective or else this menace won't stop because some lecturers live a life deep-rooted in sexual harrasment, which to them is a way of life and like some politicians, there is no repentance in their blood.

*Chris Uruakpa contributed this from Lagos.

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